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what does a cop think about the shooting in London?


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  • what does a cop think about the shooting in London?

    Sorry guys, I'm asking for how do you feel when you read about the recent shooting of a civilian in connection with the bombings?

    I'm asking because at a different forum there was a huge discussion and I took a pro-cop stance thinking that things are not that easy than it may look like.

    Don't know whether you want to give me your point of view... do you think those guys were over zealous, or right on target, or badly trained, or...

    If you don't like it, just ignore.

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    This issue was discussed in great detail on this forum as well. I'm sure you can find it.
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      Here you go,



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        I'm replying even in danger to get banned for ever: admin, could you delete this thread? It's very redundant and I am sorry I put it up.


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          Where in NC are you? I'm in Charlotte working for MCSO as a residence supervisor at the Work Release Center.
          Familiarity breeds contempt.


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            I feel fairly confident that if the guy would have been cooperative with the police and not have resisted/ran, he would probably not only be alive but have been let go.
            I feel no remorse for that guy.


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              I only know what the media is reporting. I am NOT a LEO, but I am eduated in law so I tend to keep the media where it belongs. Believe only a percentage of what you read as I was not there, nor do I know the entire story.

              Hard to judge and form an opinion.

              Just me though.



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                I only know what I have read, and heard also. I know he was under surveillance, acting suspiciously, was told to stop, and did not. Considering what had recently happened, and almost all terrorist attacks are suicide bombers, the officer made a decision. Shot, or let him run into the subway to kill hundreds of innocent people, or get away? He/she made the decision. From what I know, I support the decision.

                People who aren't doing anything wrong, don't draw police attention. This guy was being watched by under cover officers. Is he totally innocent? Or was it that there were no explosives on him that makes him "innocent"?


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