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Why are they promoting speeding?


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  • Why are they promoting speeding?

    On the radio..I have been hearing this commercial for a new non detectable speeding gadget you can buy for you're car and then speed without being detectable by police.What the heck is going on in this world. Thats all we need is the dukes of hazard for real on the highways.Is this what the Philadelphia experiment back then, has come up with, for the future of man kind?Speed and disappear? It is called: The Phaser Two.... I believe.
    Can a police officer explain this one please?

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    I have not encountered ANY devices that have been effective at defeating RADAR or Laser (Lidar). They are all a waste of money.

    The TV show "Mythbusters" (Discovery Channel?) tried and was pretty ineffective at defeating a modern RADAR, and in some instances actually increased the range the officer could pick up their speed.

    Besides there are other methods to track a persons speed that do not use RADAR - timing devices (Vascar), "pacing" (basically following the car and using the police cars speedometer), and aircraft. None of these methods are detectable by a radar detector.

    The only devices that truly cause problems for RADAR are active "jammers" that are very expensive and illegal because they are transmitting a radio frequency. I have not encountered any of these types of devices.


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      The are promoting speeding for the same reason every other advertiser promotes their products - to make money.
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        here is one for you,,i was reading car & driver mag. today,,in the advertising section someone was selling a spray for your license plate that makes it blurry so the cameras at intersections (red light runners), speed catchers, and turnpikes can not read your plates,,,big bold letters SPEED ON!!


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          The same companies like Raytheon et al, who make radar/laser technology, also make the counter-technology for their products.
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