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  • Public University police in Illinois...

    Have to ask this, since I'm applying with a public university PD & what I've seen so far is confusing.

    If anyone here's employed with one (CSU, ISU, UIC, UIUC, etc...), what's the jurisdiction? I've looked in ILCS, and it specifies jurisdiction in whatever county the univ. has property in, in the interests of the univ., & so on. But the website says "...is a police department with full powers & statewide jurisdiction."

    Confusing, going on the above, & the fact that they ARE "state-level" police, employed by state government. Can anyone clarify?

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    Each university seems to have it's own act within the Illinois Higher Education Code (http://www.ilga.gov/legislation/ilcs...p?ChapterID=18). Go to the University you're looking to apply with if the one below is not the right one. Then do a CTRL+F search for police and you should find it. See the bold area below for specifics on jurisdiction.


    110 ILCS 675/20‑45 (11): To appoint, subject to the applicable civil service law, persons to be members of the Illinois State University Police Department. Members of the Police Department shall be conservators of the peace and as such have all powers possessed by policemen in cities, and sheriffs, including the power to make arrests on view or warrants of violations of State statutes, University rules and regulations and city or county ordinances, except that they may exercise such powers only within counties wherein Illinois State University and any of its branches or properties are located when such is required for the protection of University properties and interests, and its students and personnel, and otherwise, within such counties, when requested by appropriate State or local law enforcement officials. However, such officers shall have no power to serve and execute civil processes.


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      That's not the one I'm applying for, but I'd been to the site already, & it says the exact same thing for each university. I guess my confusion (since it IS plain as day) came from the fact that they're commonly referred to as "state" police, and are said to have "statewide jurisdiction," which presumably refers to being "Illinois peace officers," as opposed to the "special police" people have mentioned on here.

      I don't think I've seen anyone on the board from an Ill. univ. (hopefully I'm wrong), so thanks a lot, it helps to have someone else's point of view after looking at that.


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        There may also be mutual aid agreements between the Univeristies and the towns. I belive the University of Chicago (I know a private one) and CPD have an agreement of that type which has UPD officers responding to calls in the surrounding neighborhoods


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