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  • Crossroads...


    I would like to get some input from you guys, particularly Texas officers, about my situation.

    I am 35 and have a great career, but I am currently in Phoenix and my wife wants to move back to Texas. Jobs in my field aren't easy to come by, even in the DFW area. I currently volunteer with the local Sheriff's office and really enjoy the work.

    I initially tried for the Phoenix PD reserves, but was turned down do to the following incident: When I was 18 my boss at the time asked me to get him some ecstacy. I got it for him. According to Phoenix pd, AZPOST dqs me based on distribution. Fair enough, but I called AZPOST and the guy I talked to said to try another department, I might have more luck.

    Well, I decided to volunteer with the sheriff instead because you don't have to be sworn but get to do pretty much the same stuff and it was less of a hassle. I have REALLY enjoyed it.

    Now, the question: I would like to move to the DFW area and work for a PD or SO, but I can't find the TCLEO or equivelent standards to see what the issues might be. Any recommendations or advice would be much appreciated.


    Just a quick addendum; no, I have never used ecstacy or anything harder than marijauna, which I tried less than 5 times and was done with.

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    Does this help...

    You stated that you were 35 so this my concern you...This is out of the Fort Worth PD Website


    Age Requirements: 21-35 years of age (cannot have reached 36 years of age by date of civil service exam) or up to 44 years of age with five years of previous experience as a peace officer or active military

    "A person who is 45 years of age or older may not be certified for a beginning position in a police department. A person who is 36 years of age or older and under 45 may not be certified as eligible for a beginning position in a police department unless the person has at least five years' experience as a peace officer or at least five years of military experience." V.T.C.A. Local Government Code, sec. 143.023

    Try this as well...



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      Thanks for the links. I did read that on the FWPD website, but I think that age requirement is specific to that agency. Anyone know for sure off-hand? I did serve in the military, but only for four years. If it is just that agency then that's okay, there are a lot of agencies in the DFW area. I enjoy the Sheriffs Office, but I don't know if Sheriffs in Texas operate the same way as the do out here.

      Are those the only state standards? AZPOST has pages.

      Thank you again for your reply.


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        There's another route you can take in TX. You can go through a Regional Law Enforcement Academy through places such as some colleges or other means and then take the state exam at the end of that. You'll have to get hired on somewhere within 2 years or start all over. Since you are too old to apply at civil service agencies that will overcome that problem and you'd then have to apply at agencies that aren't civil service that don't have age stipulations. (usually smaller agencies)As far as your drug involvement........that's a biggie....not sure whether or not you'd be wasting your time on the above advise w/that in your background. Here you'd be DQ'd right off the bat.


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