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  • Want to become a police officer

    I will turn 21, 12/1/05 and am wanting to become a cop, but i have a few questions. I am Currently enrolled in college, for law enforcement. I have never been arrested, I have had 3 speeding tickets, and gotten my license suspended for 3 months, will that affect my chances? Also I thought after so long they were erasd from my record, at least thats what my insurance company has told me. Another thing is my half brother did some time in prison for trying to blow up the courthouse. We lived in seprate towns, we don't talk. When ever im in that town the police follow me all over town. So will me brother being mental have any effect. And one more thing, I have only half my vision in my right eye. my left eye is better than perfect. Other than that i have never gotten in any trouble. i have smoked pot, but that was 5 years ago.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    I am responding from Indiana, so this may not pertain to IL. The tickets and licensce suspension will probably not be a huge issue, unless you were caught driving while suspended. The vision thing would probably be a DQ at alot of Dept's here, as most of them have a uncorrected no worse than 20/200. As far as you brother is concerned, tough to say, there in my opinion is alot of variables. Hopefully, they will look at your merit, and not the actions of your brother. Good Luck.


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      Not from IL but the sight issue could be a DQ.

      What makes you think that the police "follow you" (if you have nothing to do with your brother)?
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        I can only speak for Florida. Your eyesight would DQ you for most agencies here. There's lot's of competition for LEO positions. Your license suspension won't disqualify you, but with all the competition it will definitely move you way down on the list. Your brother shouldn't be too big an issue as long as you stay out of trouble. You can't help who your relatives are! Good Luck.
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          Thanks for the info. And i know they follow me cause my last name is on my plates. And It was a fairly small town, about 7,000 people, and he was the only ruff that tried to blow up the court house. so Chances are they are watching me like a hawk. but hey as long as i don't do anything stupid.


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