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Question for any RCMP officers here about speeding tickets and getting into the RCMP


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  • Question for any RCMP officers here about speeding tickets and getting into the RCMP

    I kinda got a few speeding tickets (six to be exact), but I have recently made a decision that once I get my degree, I'd like to join the RCMP but I fear that my excessive speeding tickets may hinder my chances of getting in. I'm still young (I'm turning 20 next month) and I have a few years left before I'm even ready to apply for the RCMP. Half the tickets I received were withing two months of eachother (two of those were within 48 hours- I know, not good) and those are already off my licence and almost off my abstract. The other three were more spread out and after my most recent pull-overs by the RCMP (twice within 5 minutes (it's not as bad as it sounds, really), no tickets resulted, phew!) I have come to the decision to make a much better effort not to speed. Actually, the second guy who pulled me over gave me a 10 minute long lecture (Actually the first 3 minutes was going on about the "awkward position" I put him in) that made me think hard about the consequences of speeding.

    Considering the majority of my tickets were the result of my rebelious youthful high school years do you think that if I keep my driving record clean from now on, that my chances of getting into the RCMP won't be as affected by my excessive speeding tickets?

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    Repeated summons for the same offense are looked down upon, generally. Good luck.


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