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    Hey, thanks in advanced for any help given. My problem is this... I live in an apartment building, and the entrance to my place is on the bottom floor. Surrounding my door is a patio enclosed by an old wooden fence, with a gate that does not lock. Next to that fence is a long rectangular wooden flower box. We have no flowers in the box just dirt. Last week I came home and noticed that my fence above the flower box was burned, in an area about 3 feet wide, and 5 feet high (to the top of the fence). Below, the flower box has a hole burned straight through the bottom of it. No one saw it happen, but it seems pretty apparent that the fire was set deliberately. I say that because in the flower box, we were missing dirt. About 2 feet by 1 foot by 6 inches deep. It was not just scooped out, it is completely missing. The fire appears to have originated in that area, which is why there was a hole burned through the bottom of the box. We (me and my wife) think we know who would want to do this, but have no evidence to support us. Anyways, I called the city police and they sent someone to check it out. The officer that arrived briefly looked at the burn, and said there was nothing that could be done. I was hoping to get a second opinion here, or at least a suggestion as to what further course of action I could take. Again thanks for any help.

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    Sorry to tell you but the officer was correct. It is almost impossible to "find someone at fault" for what happened. It doesn't mean the officer that responded doesn't believe you or that it didn't happen the way you think, it's just that there is no proof.

    If you want to know what you can do, you could look into an inexpensive closed circuit camera system to record YOUR property. If it happens again then you may have something but as of now you have speculation. If you live in an apartment complex or some type of association, you may want to check the rule on putting in your own security system.


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      thanks for replying, I have thought about putting a camera in before, as this is not the first problem I've ran into in this area, but wouldn't even know where to begin to get the neccesary equipment, any advice would be appreciated.


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        Ive seen some cheap ones in Walmart and Sams club
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          I saw a 2 cam and tv unit at Home depot the other day for a little over 200$
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            thanks for the help guys, hopefully the landlord will let me set it up.


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