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    Originally posted by McPhenius
    As someone who sits on oral boards, this is a question we ask.
    I've got a question for you Mcphenius. Can you relay any outstanding answers you've heard that really make an applicant stand out? Advice would be appreciated! Thanks!


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      Least Favorite: Directing Traffic, I had a guy stop in the middle of the intersection to argue with me because he didn't like how I was directing traffic WTF. And guys who were off duty would be 25 cars back in the stopped lane hitting their horns, I was ****ed until I found out who was doing it.

      Favorite: I don't really have a favorite, but I don't mind screwing with the dopers.


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        Favorite... Well, there are lots of good points to the job, but knowing that you have really made a positive difference in someone's life is probably the best. I went to a call the other day at the home of a former crackhead. Her kids had done something stupid and she was taking care of business. While we were talking to the kids she looked at them and then at me and told them that I was one of the good ones and that they had better listen to me. She elaborated by telling them the story of the last time I kicked in the door to her house and hooked her boyfriend for distribution and after dragging her out from under the bed my conversation with her. The conversation was basically an attempt to help her see the err of her ways and to encourage her to get off the pipe and off her *** and start doing something with her life if for no other reason for her kids. She went on to say that since she got out of jail for that night she has been clean, got a job, got her own house, and got her kids back. Every time that she has thought of doing something she thinks back to that night where my partner and I talked with her for an hour and she draws the strength that she needs to fight the temptation. It was a nice and rare occurence to see someone who had come clean and to know that I was an influencing factor in that.

        The worst... rude people, directing traffic (hand in hand)

        "there is no hunting like the hunting of man and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never really care for anything else thereafter." Ernest Hemingway


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          I think my favorite part of this job is (usually) the beggining of the tour. When you get in the car, log on the mdt, and ride down the ramp leaving the precinct, every night is different. It's kind of like going to the same amusement park every day but they always have new rides....you're never quite sure what the night will bring, as opposed to being stuck in an office cubicle somewhere doing the same crap, day in, day out.

          The worst is a toss up, and it's been described here in depth, but it's dealing with injured children and not being able to make it better immediately, or having to make death notifications. Having done crash reconstruction for years, I've had to make countless death notifications. Nothing will knot up my stomach or make me wish I was in a different line of work more then having to go to someone's home and tell them that their father/mother/child won't be coming back.That is the absolute worst feeling there is, and nothing they teach you in the academy will prepare you for it.
          Government exists to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves.

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