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Overtime/extra jobs?


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  • Overtime/extra jobs?

    Saw this posted somewhere else.. Being as Police Officers generally dont make alot of $$, how much, if any, overtime or extra jobs do you current officers work? Is it a necessity to work them to make it financially?

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    Some police departments make huge money...THese guys are 13 miles east of Pittsburgh and patrol a pretty good mix of middle and lowwer income plus a huge business district. http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/05210/545684.stm
    LOWEES PAID COP MADE 82,000 last year. Nice house there costs only about 150,000... Other towns in the Burgh make good money also. Some pay as high as 65,000 a year...
    I got nothing for now


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      I work as a "courtesy officer" at an apartment complex in exchange for a "free" two bedroom apartment. I do minor security things such as light surveys, respond to minor disturbances (music and loud parties), lockouts, locking up facilities, and just being seen. We've used it to pay off the excessive credit card debt my wife and I had accumulated. It's a pain but the benefit outweighs the cost at this point.

      Officers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area make anywhere from $40-50K a year. Richer areas, officers make $55-60K a year. Houses generally cost $150-175K, so OT jobs are VERY common around this area.


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        Four years ago, I made almost $38,000 in OT, three years ago, almost $29,000.

        Depends on where you work, what the current manpower is, and how the department fills the positions.

        Good for me- I artifically raised my retirement by about 18000 by putting in a whole mess of hours. We retire using the average of the best three years, at 50 percent. I was looking at about 30,000 to 32,000. Based on the good years I worked with all of the OT when they refused to hire people, I raised it to about 46,000 to 48,000. And I've got 9 years to go. Wanna bet I'll get a better year than those?

        It's not unheard of for our guys to retire with 50,000 to 60,000 dollars. And for the guys that came on-board in their twenties, they walk away in their forties with a very nice monthly check, plus medical.
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          Called "Special Duty" here. It has to be approved and there are limits to how many hours per week etc.
          Overtime is just basically court.


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            I work at some of the nightclubs in downtown Austin. We pretty much just stand outside the club in black BDU's and a police shirt. It's more of a presence thing. We get paid $35 per hour cash. Usually about 5 hours. Not too bad....especially being single!!
            I'm also a courtesy officer at an apt. complex. Free 2 bedroom apt,....plus they pay my electric bill. Respond to minor calls (loud residents at pool, etc.) and park my police unit outside.

            I'm running out of bills to pay. If I could just pay off my car, I'm set!!


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              Originally posted by Gottso
              A few cop buddies of mine make a killing in jersey. The pay is pretty good and there seems to be tons of OT everywhere. Between court and just being a presence at supermarkets, movie theatres and DMVs, they rake it in.
              "Rake it in"?

              My question to you is, do you think that the cops in your area are overpaid?
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                Overtime/extra jobs

                My agency is very restrictive on extra jobs, although , there are ample opportunities for "authorized overtime". Officers cannot use state vehicle(s) or uniform, nor can officers work any private security job. "Authorized O/T" includes highway construction zones, state capitol detail on weekends, STEP Program,and escorting overwidth vehicles through the state. The use of state vehicles, uniforms, and equipment is authorized for these details. Pay is pretty decent, and a portion goes to retirement as well. No extra work can exceed four hours on a duty day, or twelve hours on an off-day.


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                  I have to get extra jobs approved by admin before I start them, and they can't be police or security related.

                  I'm on the city counsel, and I have a side business:



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                    Originally posted by Delta784
                    "Rake it in"?

                    My question to you is, do you think that the cops in your area are overpaid?
                    No one who puts on a vest and a gun is overpaid.


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                      My department averages around $15,000 per year in OT. About $10,000 of that comes from court time, special details, report writing, etc. The other $5,000 comes from a mandatory 1/2 hour OT we work every day (8.5 hour shift).

                      However, you can make a lot more if you set your mind to it. A few weeks ago a San Francisco newspaper made a public records act request with respect to state employee overtime and then published their findings. 24 people from my agency ranked within the highest 2000 overtime earners in all of state government. The highest (in 4th place on the overall state list) earned $108,067 in OT. Next (in 9th place) earned $97,932 in OT.

                      The guy who was in 9th place just retired a couple of months ago. His entire retirement dinner focused in the fact his station's OT budget will no longer be bankrupt because he is leaving.
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                        Who needs and extra job... I write speeding tickets and don't give reductions on the side of the road... (65/40 construction zone is what you're getting written if that's what you did) people plea NG and get their reduction (65/40 speed zone) in court and I get 3 hours of OT(currently $44/hr and $51/hr on 09/21) for 30 minutes in uniform.
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                          I work my share of off duty / overtime

                          but rather be sippin good vodka and smokin fancy cigars

                          on ft lauderdale beach !!!....

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