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Self sponsoring in academy?


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  • Self sponsoring in academy?

    I know that in Vermont it is possible to sponsor yourself and pay for the police academy. Does anyone know if this is a good idea? Would I be more likely to be hired if I had already attended the academy? I imagine departments would like that because the town would not have to pay to have you trained, but i just dont know. I think that academys in other states offer this as well so anyone with advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    I'd do it if you have the time and money to do it. I don't know what percentage of the agencies in your state hire people without the academy training and pay them to attend, but it will probably open up some doors for you. They know that if they find you suitable for hiring that they don't have to worry about paying you to go through the training and take the chance that you'll fail and they'll be out the money they invested in your training and still a man short.

    Probably 90% or more of the local law enforcement officers in NC put themselves through the academy (BLET). But out of those that successfully complete the academy, only a small percentage make it into law enforcement. It's a tight field to get into, and if you don't get sworn somewhere within a year you lose your certification and will have to attend the entire academy again if you do get hired somehwere. You might want to look into that before you make the leap.

    During the training you'll become acquainted with different officers from various agencies when they conduct the blocks of instruction. Becoming familiar with them and their agencies is always a good thing. Between what you learn from them about the actual job and the training and course material you may even find that it wasn't what you were expecting and lose interest. The biggest down side is just the expense of the school and trying to do well in it and keep the bills paid at home while you're attending.


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      Does not help here unless you have a perfect background and college degree already. All major agencies will still send you through theirs even if you just walked out of self sponsored a week before hire.


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        Here in Michigan, I believe that the vast majority of people pay there own way, then try to find a job. I did it this way and had no problem. Not very many Police Departments send new hires to an academy around here.

        It does gets a bit nerve racking when you can't find a job and your certification is about to expire.

        If, in your area, it is common for an agency to pay for an academy for you, I would suggest you take that route, much safer and cheaper.


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          Hey thanks for the input. I appreciate it.


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