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A Law Enforcement career


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  • A Law Enforcement career

    Hey, I'm a 16 year old guy that lives in Newport News, VA and I am interested in a law enforcement career. My question to you all is about what to do and not to do when choosing a college to attend and a degree to pursue. I do not have any criminal history and currently have a clean driving record. I am also scheduled to attend a class on law enforcement for my senior year of high school this coming fall. Will this class help at all/look good for college acceptance?

    My second question is about the VA state police academy. Does anyone know the drop-out rate and level of difficulty that is involved in the academy?

    Thanks for your help

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    Josh, here's a start:
    1. Get out and start exercising - team sports and running.
    2. Look at the old threads about the CJ degree - lots of us think you should choose anything else for a course of study.
    3. Accounting and Spanish - two areas to study.
    4. Stay clean, no dope, no drinking at all till legal age, skip the smoking (see #1 above).
    5. Now, get off the computer and go out for a run!
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      Hey Josh, I'm currently in first year college majoring in Criminal Justice, take a look at different colleges in your area, sign up for campus tours, and dont be afraid to go INTO the department you are looking into and checking up information and talking to staff there. They are there to help you.

      And as Sleuth said, get out and run. Exercise and get fit, its always great to start early. As im doing now! And do look around officer.com and its forums for past threads about this subject there are alot!
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        Josh, I am currently a CJ student also. One thing I did was to visit campus starting my Jr. year. There is no rule that says you have to start your Sr. year, get out and start visiting. Also, after each one list the pro's and con's of each school. I am currently going to a 2 year school and its a great time. Like someone said earlier, go into something else and then go for and apply at a department.

        One thing is if you go to a tech school like I am going to you get training such as ASP, OC, Taser, etc. Send me a message if you have any more questions.


        Also Don't you have some running to do. And after that don't you have some weights to lift.


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          Thanks for all your suggestions. I have already taken your suggestion about exercise. I recently started going back to the gym that I was a part of previously. Once again, thanks for the advice. I will definetly use it.

          Take care,


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            Law Enforcement career

            Josh, you've already recieved some great advice. Here's just a little more. Finish high school, and by that I mean with a diploma. If you don't smoke, don't start. That way you'll never have to worry about quitting. Do the running and pump a little iron while you're at it. Check with your local trooper post, Sheriff's Dept or P.D. to see if they sponsor an Explorer Post. If they do, become a part of it. This is a very good exposure to law enforcement. Finally, keep your nose clean. I don't mean don't have fun, but watch who you associate with, and stay away from drinking and drugs. Good luck!!


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