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Off Duty: Really?


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  • Off Duty: Really?

    I am from the UK and will be a Police Officer (Hopefully) by Febuary 2006, I have just turned 18.

    Police Officers in the UK do not carry PPE (ASP, SpeedCuffs, CS/Pava) when Off Duty.

    Are all United States Law Enforcement Officers under an obligation to carry their service weapons when Off Duty?

    Much Appreciated.

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    Not all agencies require it, but most do. I'm required to carry anytime I'm on duty or on call (which for me is 24/7).


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      No, not everyone is required to carry off duty. From what I have seen, only the SMALLEST departments require their Officers to carry while off duty. All Officers in the US are allowed to carry off duty, as long as it is not against departmental policy that is. I carry a small .32 when off, but do not carry radio or handcuffs or anything else, and I do so by my own choice.
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        In my experience, I would say that most agencies in my area do not require it, but most allow it.


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          Off Duty

          Off duty weapons carry policy varies from agency to agency. My agency "Stongly encourages" officers to carry off duty. Retired Officers, which I now am, may also elect to carry a firearm off duty, provided they qualify according to their agency's standards, at least once yearly.


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            I agree with everyone else. Most all authorize but few if any require it. Also most officers I know only carry thier weapon and nothing else besides a cell phone. I wear that crap all day long, why wear it off duty. I think it would start to become difficult to hide that you are off duty if you have a ton of stuff on your person.


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              In my experience, most agencies prefer that officers carry an authorized firearm off-duty (unless alcohol consumption is planned), but they don't require it. With some agencies, failure to act due solely to absence of a firearm is considered dereliction of duty; of course officer safety is taken into consideration. I carry an airweight S&W snubbie and a cell phone almost all the time when I'm out and about, but fortunately have never been in a position to need it.
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