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    At my school, you cannot see your "permanent record" until you are 18, which I'm not yet. My first question is whether this legal, and why?

    The reason I'm concerned is because when I was in the 6th grade I got into a fight with a girl who had been harassing me all year. I had filed at least 3 "legal" harassment reports with the school already and they were doing squat. So she came up to me one day after class and started harassing me again and made a comment on my race and my religion and then she slapped me and then I lost it because she touched me and I punched her.
    I believe she got a one or two-day suspension, but I didn't get in trouble, and I think the only reason why is because if me and my parents fought against it it would be embarrassing to the school for failing to prevent the fight.
    Afterwards the girl and her "gang" were removed from the school (they were here from the urban-suburban program).
    I want to know if this could be in my record (especially since I wasn't called in after the fight) and if so what details because I'm worried that it might affect me trying to get a job as an LEO.

    Sorry for the "does this disqualify me?" post, I know you get a lot of them.
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    Even though your teachers tell you that your "permanent record" will follow you around for the rest of your life, it won't. They just tell you that to scare you.

    If you have not dealt with the police or juvenile court then you have no record you need to worry about. If some of your teachers or your principal have written nasty notes in your "permanent record" it might affect your chances of getting into a very selective college, but other than that it means nothing.
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      Originally posted by letshearit4blue
      At my school, you cannot see your "permanent record" until you are 18, which I'm not yet. My first question is whether this legal, and why?
      Which record? I mean hell, the White Album is a permanent record. You gotta be a bit more specific.

      At any rate I'm sure it's legal. I don't know to many schools that practice illegal stuff. I mean if they can make carrying a GI joe gun into a school a crime, then I'm sure they can bend the law how they see fit in the name of the "children".

      As to why, because your not a legal adult, your not entitled to crap. Get a job.
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        Like mobrien said, your background investigation doesn't include your school permanent record, which is as I understand it, not so permanent. Aren't they only kept for like 8 years or so after exiting that school system? I've seen warehouses for a lot of things, but never one housing school permanent records
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          School records

          Two part answer follows: Yes, it's legal, school can do that. Second, you were never charged criminally. Don't worry about it.


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