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Ad Space on Patrol Cars?


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  • Ad Space on Patrol Cars?

    There is a guy in my department that was a Deputy Sheriff in Tennesee and he was recently telling me about a county that has placed ads on thier patrol cars. Of course we all joked that we'd want the Krispy Kreme or Dunkin' Donuts car. Seriously, has anyone else heard about this?
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    There is a company in the east that offers patrol cars for $1 to agencies that will allow advertisements on the cars. I looked at them very briefly and couldn't get info on where the ads would be placed or if you could pick and choose sponsors.


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      Google is such a great thing....Here are the results I found when searching for "police car advertisement" (http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q...=Google+Search)

      Your ad here: Cop cars as the next billboards | csmonitor.com
      As long as it's done tastefully, advertising on police cars is no different." But police cars are different, say some legal scholars. ...

      USATODAY.com - Cities consider ads on police cars
      To cash-strapped cities across the nation, the offer seems too good to pass up. New police cars for $1 each in exchange for allowing NASCAR-style ...
      Well, now you can acquire free police cars
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        Originally posted by JdotB
        Excuse my french but, http://www.****inggoogleit.com
        You don't have to be an @$$ about it. Simply providing the information was fine.

        Perhaps I should have been more specfic. Has anyone seen a police car with advertisements on it?
        No man is justified in doing evil on the grounds of expediency. - Theodore Roosevelt, The Strenuous Life: Essays and Addresses (1900)


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          No Go In Ohio

          Ohio Attorney General ruled it illegal under Ohio law a few years back so some small departments dropped it. Its tacky and unprofessional etc
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            Bad idea. I can see it now. First there will be complaints about who gets to advertise, then what is advertised. Cities will take advantage of the savings by cutting the budget to the point where the departments will come to be dependant on the ad "money". Once that happens they have ya by the nuts.

            Not a wise choice! Besides, last thing I want is to be driving down the road with "KOTEX" across the hood.


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              I looked into this for my Volle Fire Department. The County Atty did not like it, so it died.
              The agency gets final say on what ads ( no ciggaretts, no alcohol), and must agree to the size, wording, and placement of the ads.

              (I can think of some of my prior supervisors who needed a hemirroid ad on their cars!)
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