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Only 4 Days To Complete Personal History Book


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  • Only 4 Days To Complete Personal History Book

    Over the weekend I took the police officer written exam for a big metropolitan police department. Afterwards we sat for orientation where we were given the personal history book and were told to have it completed and returned by July 20, which is 4 days. Why such short time period? Could this be a stress test to see who is able to respond? I worked my butt off and got the job done; sent it back via overnight mail.

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    Yes, it's partially a stress test. It also looks good when you get it done right away; I turned mine in the same day (or the next day) as I got it.


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      I hope you made a copy of it. It is always good to keep all your old applications around so you don't forget anything.
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        Originally posted by pkagel
        I hope you made a copy of it. It is always good to keep all your old applications around so you don't forget anything.
        Also a good idea to send it registered/certified.
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          What are you on here typing for? You need to get crackin' on that book!
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            I thought it might be a test to some degree. When we were told to have it back by Wednesday, I remember it being emphasized very clearly to have it back on time. So, it stuck in my mind that it was very important and in my best interest to comply--No excuses!

            Chief, I got it back in time--I wouldn't have it any other way. I also made a copy. I tracked it with the FedEx number and it was delivered in the A.M.


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              Just had the same thing happen to me at MPD

              1 person there said DO NOT send the book in until contacted by a investigator or it will surely get lost.

              The others there demanded it be back in 4 days

              Figure that one out for me please.....anyone???????

              Mine was back and bet your *** i made a copy because i just know that thing is gonna be lost
              Just shut your damn hole

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                You and I were in the same room on July 16. All I know is that someone made a decision to change the rules. I remember thinking...whatever the decision is, no problem...just make clear what is expected.
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