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  • A little advice?

    Hello all, Its been a while but i am Back and I was wondering if I can get a little Input from you all.

    I am an orthodox jewish Police Officer in Northeast ohio and i have been for about 2 yrs. I work 2 part time LEO jobs and one full time Job to pay the bills

    Being an Orthodox Jew I cannot work From Firday night Sundown until Saturday night Sundown So there for i have only been able to get part time LEO jobs.
    I have been offered Full time but then turned down when they tell me only if i can work on those days at which point i tell them I cant and i have to turn it down. only Dept in the country that accomodated orthodoxs jews is the NYPD.

    Question is Am i wasting my time taking tests and applying for full time? or should i just Give up and keep working the part time gigs?

    Thanks for all you input in advance.

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    If you are that dedicated to your faith and will never agree to work the the hours indicated, then I suggest you remain part time.

    You have to expect to be working weekends and hollidays as a full time officer.


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      I knew all about this b4 I got into the "business" but its what I love to do,

      Thanks for the Input!


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        Its too bad that you can't get a full time position with an understanding department. But it does not hurt to try.


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          I know few Jewish nurses and doctors, a funeral director or two and a couple of police officers and because the profession they have chosen protects life & death takes no day off they have no issue with working their holy days. Governemnt can't make exception for one faith and not all others and crime knows no sabbath.

          I suggest you talk to your rabbi and get his opinion about you working the holy days. I think you might be surprised at what you can do.


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            My dad is a minister; it is his professional estimation that you (we) are not in disobedience of the Sabbath, if we work-given the nature of our jobs.


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              I admire your devotion to your faith and the job but I agree with Bodie in that exceptions should not be made for a particular religion. (I hate working Christmas and Easter myself. )

              I think Bodie had a good suggestion to contact your Rabbi for guidance on the matter.
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                or.....move to NY and try to get hired by NYPD
                "Get busy dying or get busy living".....Andy Dufrain, Shawshank Redemption


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                  Move to NY? yea my wife would love that,

                  thats for all of your input i really appreciate

                  God Bless and Stay safe!


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                    I'm not sure if in Ohio you're part of the Chicago Rabbinical Council, but they have a Beit Din that I'm sure could help you figure out whether you're allowed to do work on Shabbos. My understanding of the matter is that police, paramedics, nurses, and doctors are permitted to work on Shabbos - but that they should try not to.
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                      I was going to say what Farenheit said. Iam only reform so coming from me after just eating a cheeseburger is not etched in stone My bro in law IS orthodox and very knowledgable. NOt that I want to talk to him but, For a fellow heeb I can make the exception I will get back to you soon.
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