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Does this DQ me?


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  • Does this DQ me?

    i'm 27 now and when i was 19 i did something that i wish i could take back. i found a wallet with an atm card with the pin # on it. i took $400 out and my friend too $400, i tuned the wallet in with everything in it. now looking back i wish i could undo what i did and return the money, but there's no way i can locate the person... i want to become a cop in texas in the san antonio or austin area... does this action in my past DQ me from applying and becoming a police officer???

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    wow 30 views and now replies.... can someone help me out?


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      I'm not a cop - was waiting for them to respond...
      But - i'm bored as hell so hopefully i won't get an *** chewing for responding.. lol

      IMO - i wouldn't hire you. You should have known better at that age, and you weren't a minor... so you can't blame that. I would seriously question your ability to do the right thing in the face of temptation knowing you weren't able to do it as a 19 year old adult.

      If you were caught? LOOKS REAL BAD
      If you weren't and you can bold face lie about it and get past the polygraph.... then you might be in luck. But, you would then also have to rely on the BI not finding out about it from someone else in your past - and they dig deep.


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        gee, thanks for the incouragement... j/k

        i work with tons of prior cops that have told me that they've done plenty of drugs and stolen and other things in their past. maybe i can get hired on in LA... haha... i agree that this was bad and that "at the time" bad judgment. other then trying weed when i was younger, this is the only skeleton in my closet.

        i wouldnt want to lie about it on the hiring process... thats not me...

        you question my ability now to do the right thing? wow... guess that's because you dont know me, but that's your honest opinion... and thanks... i guess.

        if i did lie, noone could find out because i've never told anyone, but i dont want to start a career in law enforcement on a lie... and i didn't get caught


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          Oh i TOTALLY agree and would not encourage you to lie - PERIOD.
          But some people do. If that's not you - AWESOME.

          You were 19... that's better than 24...
          Yeah, i would still question it a little - but i may be a bit of a hard ***.

          The guys around here always say that the more distance you put between you and your bad judgement call - the better chance you have.


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            thanks.... i just want to be sure that i wont be DQ'd so i dont go through the whole process for nothing.

            i'm kicking my dumbass in the head wishing i could take it back, but that isnt going to do anything for me...

            i was young and dumb and was with the wrong "friend" at the time... some shady guy i was with and we're not in contact anymore.

            man i can still see the guys face, but i wish i could remember his name.. otherwise i'd look him up and give him the $400 back.....

            anyway i'm really wanting to persue a career change into law enforcement, even if it's a HUGE pay cut from what i'm doing now... it would purely be for job satisfaction for me...

            since this incident i've been honorably discharged from the marines and have been doing government contracting overseas... i'm just looking to head back to the states and start something in law enforcement now...


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              Best of luck to you

              I'm sure you'll get much more response to this when everyone wakes up.


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                Here we ask have you ever STOLEN anything. Not have you ever been convicted of a theft or even caught stealing. So The Answer ................ In your case is YES it woudl DQ you.


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                  Originally posted by Bodie
                  Here we ask have you ever STOLEN anything. Not have you ever been convicted of a theft or even caught stealing. So The Answer ................ In your case is YES it woudl DQ you.

                  so would i be DQ forever from being a police officer in the state of tx, and in any agency?


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                    No agency here in FL would hire you.
                    In law enforcement, the customer is ALWAYS wrong.

                    In God we trust. Everyone else is run through NCIC.

                    Sometimes there is justice. Sometimes there is just us.

                    I'd rather be tried by 12 then carried by 6.

                    The opinions given in my posts do not necessarily reflect the opinions, views, policies, and/or procedures of my employing agency. They are my personal opinions only.


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                      It also depends on the Department. I've been a cop for over twenty years, and have done my share of BI's. In some departments it might be overlooked, in others it might DQ you. My current Department you would be DQ. In the local county SO you would not.



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                        Highly likely you would not get hired. This is a question that is asked orally and on written form and in polygraph and voice stress. Think we won't catch it ?


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                          Originally posted by bigtek
                          wow 30 views and now replies.... can someone help me out?

                          This is a great example of where non-LEOs with a clue could have helped out a little earlier. Everyone is gun shy since some here get really upset if a non-LEO answers one of these brain busters, even if it has been discussed 1.000 times.

                          Good times.


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                            Originally posted by StephWhit
                            Does this DQ me?

                            Mmmm..DQ...mmmmm...Peanut Buster Parfait, hold the nuts

                            ok now i want a blizzard..... no dairy queen in baghdad, iraq.......


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                              Hmm it is JUST a felony.

                              I would not say that the one instance alone DQ's you. I think the circumstance warrants seriouse exploration during the oral boards and interviews.
                              "In my life I have met many people who were quick to point a finger, and but a few that cared enough lift one"



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