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    I just finished college, and started dropping apps to different agencies, and I was just wondering if anybody has any tips or suggestions on what or how to go about this process? Also how I can make myself more desirable to hire. I did a corrections reserve program in 2004, but stopped in Dec. 2004. That is really only the reserve experience that I've had. Any tips would be greatly apperciated. Thanks to all who leave posts I'm sure that it will help. And to all who are on the road or in a correctional facility, Thanks!!!!

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    Well your off to a good start by putting apps in different agencies. Keep all your information the same on all applications and let each agency know what other agenices you are currently applying to. Read up on the department you are applying to and inform yourself on what they do. (ie: Sheriff /local/ state, etc) When you get to the interview process you'll have more info to talk about. Get all your references, contacts, prior employers and numbers in order. During the Background phase your BI will certainly be asking for more than what is on your app.

    Above all, be patient, most big departments take up to a year to get through the process, sometimes longer. Just don't get discouraged. Good luck
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      well, as you all know i am not a cop, yet, but a corporal i know very well says it helps to know people. Now my county sheriff hires differently, i am told he recruits rather then accepts aplications. For example at a school patriotic concert a man was there and he was a former marine, and the sheriff came up to him and said that he would like for him to work for him and now a few years later that man is a corporal. I dont know if things are done the same way in other areas, but my hope is to do more ride alongs or something of the sort to have the sheriff take notice of me, in a good way of course. Cause if it helps to know people then associating with other officiers should help me land a job when i am old enough.
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      All citizens have the right to get up in the morning, go to work, come home, be with their families, and loved ones, and live their lives without being robbed, beaten, harmed, rapped etc.... and that right needs to be protected, that is why i am going to be a cop. To protect that right, it isnt about having power and authority or money. For a right such as the aformentioned I will put my life on the line to protect it.

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        Zeichnete, just politely correcting ya, it is corporal.


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          A lot of times knowing someone in an agency helps. I know when an app comes across our agency (especially if that applicant is coming from another agency) the cheif will drop the name to the officers and ask if anyone knows him/her. Of course if someone knows you let's hope they would be able to provide a good reference. Ride alongs are a good idea and educating yourself on the agency's community is a good idea for the interview process. Anything you've done in the community will look favorable and make you more desirable on paper. Good luck!!


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            Thanks for the fast responses, I will do more ride alongs and research on the type of agencies that i apply to. Thanks again and if anybody else has any thoughts or other tips I would accept them and put them to use.


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