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Community Watch vs. Bikers


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  • Community Watch vs. Bikers

    Here's the situation.

    My neighborhood has a Bar and Grill. Really cool to go to, eat/drink and walk home drunk, if you so desire.

    But lately, there are many harley bikers coming to the place. One or two is not a problem but it's more like 50 bikers. And they are not the orderly type. Crime is increasing in the hood and I dont like the loud noises through out the middle of the night while I am trying to sleep.

    I like the Bar and Grill, but don't like the bikers. Could a strict Community Watch program nip this in the bud?

    I know the Bar and Grill likes the business, but they don't live here. What could we do?
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    Community Watch might help reduce crime in the neighborhood, but not change the bar's clientele.

    No doubt the bar is licensed by whatever your state's alcoholic beverage control agency is. Usually, liquor licenses can be put in jeopardy if the bar and its customers start generating disturbances and nuisances in the surrounding area.

    In addition to calling the police whenever there is a legitimate criminal problem in your neighborhood, the community also needs to start directing its concerns to the state alcoholic beverage control agency. The complaints need to come from multiple persons, not just one or two. Otherwise it will look like a personal vendetta rather than a legitimate community problem.
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      The majorrity of the community watch programs I have been involved with have been dismal failures.


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        Sounds like a fun place. Where is it?
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        And you might meet 'em both if you show up here not welcome son.


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          Where is it?

          It's just down the street.

          I was just wondering if other community watches has had the same problems. There have been witnesses who have seen girls flashing their new or big sagging boobs outside of the bar (of which I hate that I missed). On some days you could get a lap dance from one of them. That's cool and all, but not in my neighborhood.

          Yeah, I'm kinda ticked that I haven't gotten a flash or a dance, but on a second thought, the girls I have seen so far I think I would pass on dance.

          One biker has died so far by riding drunk and crashing through a construction zone. Perhaps it's Natural Selection.

          I'll bring it up on the next homeowner assosication and ask people to call the police when they see something fleshly.
          "The angle of the dangle is proportional to the heat of the meat." - Beavis


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            Sounds like the local PD needs to do some enforcement. We had the same problem. We sent our traffic people down there for some high visability enforcement. After several weekends of issuing 100+ citations to the bikers, they got the message.


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              Thanks Stan.

              That's what I was thinking along with a watch as well.

              One thing about that is there are a lot of our local police officers go there too. I dont know if they are there when stuff happens though.

              I'm going to push for more patrols in this area.
              "The angle of the dangle is proportional to the heat of the meat." - Beavis


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                Ive worked both the bar angle & the street enforcement angle. Trust me, you will get better & immediate results with the street enforcement. Hit them in the pocket book.


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                  I have a good one for you,But I am not putting any fingers on anything, I just want your thought on this!
                  Ok! say you see a person walk by once every two to three to for weeks by a particular place... go to a guarbage can lift the top. It is not a place where soda cans are dropped in..You know that for sure!You see this person feel for something ,but never see him take anything out! He kind of acts like he's looking for something and seems to be keeping an eye out around him!This person is going by at night around 8:30 P.M. and sometimes later.He wears a hoody jacket at every stop and looks alittle as if he is just casually doing some work,but he is not! He was seen at cold tempretures during the winter too!
                  Not even checking the gas tanks that are in that spot!Now a home was built close to the spot and you don't see him or are waiting again for his showing up!He notices you seen him and gives you a strange glare!
                  Obviuosly,the person lives in town he walks there or he is parking down aways.
                  Am I just hearing things or is this alittle strange?
                  It is just an observation that this person has been doing and told me about!
                  With the meth problems it made me wonder!
                  Ps.s. No one wants any trouble either way!


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                    Originally posted by KapsFB
                    Sounds like a fun place. Where is it?
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                    Somebody wants to make you quit???

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                      I have some extra information on the wondering around dude from the above information! He was seen again around 9:15 p.m. just after sun went down tonight.Did not see where he came from,but it was from the area of interest,the gas tanks that the city guys use and he dissapeared into the shadows of the town buildings or the bar just down by the hardware store,anyway you get my hint.I don't prisume anything just that it looks strange.But if I was an investigater it would make a beginning of a good mystery story!Have a good night now!


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