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Smoking, Not cool anymore


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  • Smoking, Not cool anymore

    The town I live in passed a law that people cant smoke in public buildings, or within 20 feet of the entrance to any building. The only exception goes to bars, bowling alleys and some restaurants. Now they are trying to pass one that covers everything. Some of the bar owners are up in arms. Anyone else have local laws like this one. If so, how is it working out. Is it enforced?


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    No smoke

    We have a law in Louisiana prohibiting smoking in most public places. Hasn't gotten to the bar level yet. The state has some big time promotion going to eliminate all smoking in public with scare tactics (though true) concerning second hand smoke and such. The law is very effective as the business owner can be charged as well as the patron whether it is a restaurant or store.

    I have a simple analysis on smoking. It is:

    I notice that you smoke. Let me warn you that I chew. If you don't blow on me, I won't spit on you.
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      Good One

      One of the local news radio guys has a call in show where he was all ****ed off about the smoking ban. I called in and said just that. I said I dont want to go into a restaraunt and come out smelling like smoke. Should I be allowed to spit on the shoes of those who smoke? Whats the difference.


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        SMOKING is just plain stupid anymore.


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          We have a similar ordinance. I've gotten called to a resturants to enforce it. Usually because another patron or manager complains. So I'll go up to them and in a louder than usual voice go "yeah, someone would rather call me down here and tell you to step outside to smoke than tell you themselves".

          The only way I'll write this ticket is if the offender is being a total *** about it and manages to talk themselves into it.
          You have no right to not be offended.-Neal Boortz


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            There is a statewide ban in MA for all restaurants and bars. The initial drop in customers has been more than made-up by people who are thrilled that they can now go to a bar for a few, and not smell like an ashtray afterwards.

            The owner of the establishment is liable for fines if someone smokes, so by the time we get involved, the offending smoker is not welcome at the establishment, which makes life very simple for me. They leave immediately, or they get arrested for trespassing. For the most part, everyone has been good about it, and I can count on one hand the number of calls I've heard to enforce the ban.
            Talk sense to a fool, and he will call you foolish - Euripides


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              Some counties in MD. have this ban and some don't. The ones with the ban in effect are not losing any customers or money.

              You go to a bar to drink not smoke.

              I refuse to go to any establishment that is so damn filled with smoke I can't stand it

              I think I'll try that spit on their shoes thing but maybe I'll just spit square on their chest
              Just shut your damn hole

              Dead Souls-----They keep calling me


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                No smoking in public buildings here. Has been that way for a while. I personally prefer it.
                In law enforcement, the customer is ALWAYS wrong.

                In God we trust. Everyone else is run through NCIC.

                Sometimes there is justice. Sometimes there is just us.

                I'd rather be tried by 12 then carried by 6.

                The opinions given in my posts do not necessarily reflect the opinions, views, policies, and/or procedures of my employing agency. They are my personal opinions only.


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                  Everyone has the right to kill themselves slowly. It isn't even illegal to do so, as long as you use tobacco, alcohol, prescription meds, fatty foods, or lack of exercise to do so. It is simply Darwinism at work, culling the less intelligent ones out of the herd.

                  Anyone who wants to smoke is free to sit at home puffing away until the interior of their house is so filled with a carcinogenic gray haze that it looks like Mount St. Helen's erupted in the basement. But they ought to have a mandatory air filter on their windows so none of that crap gets out into the air where it winds up in my lungs or the lungs of anyone else who chooses not pray at the altar of Big Tobacco. And they shouldn't be allowed to smoke outside without a burning permit, which should be prohibitively expensive.
                  Cogito ergo summopere periculosus.


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                    I am not real sure what the laws about smoking are in virginia, I just know there is a lot of smokers, here. I dont think you are alloud to smoke in some public buildings but i know that the no smoking section of a resteraunt doesnt really help, cause it is all basicly one room and the smoke diffuses throughout the air, i remember have bronchitis for several months from second hand smoke while i was in pizza hut. I personally dont get the point of smoking drinking or doing drugs, because all you are really doing is ingesting dangerous toxins into your body and it will eventually kill you. Yea that is just so cool. I personally dont care what others may think i am proud to say that smoking drinking or doing any kind of drugs is something i have never done or will do. Now concerning smoking in VA my mom recently told me that the ciggerette tax is going up, i personally hope that people wont be able to afford this and maybe get some sense in there brains and stop smoking, which reminds me doesnt smoking kill brain cells? if so that may explain why people think it is cool, they have burned all the comon sense brain cells
                    All citizens have the right to get up in the morning, go to work, come home, be with their families, and loved ones, and live their lives without being robbed, beaten, harmed, rapped etc.... and that right needs to be protected, that is why i am going to be a cop. To protect that right, it isnt about having power and authority or money. For a right such as the aformentioned I will put my life on the line to protect it.

                    I am Zeichnete Grau aka Big Z


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                      Ca has had these laws in effect for a number of years now. There were dire predictions of business at bars declining. No such thing took place. If I got a re a person stupid enough to light up in a restaurant & not have it out by the time I got there, there would be no big scene, no loud voices as another described. We would quietly go outside & the person would be cited. Everyone here simply knows better.

                      Several years ago, we had a call at a movie theatre. Some guy lit up a smoke inside & wouldnt put it out. After several requests where the smoker refused to put it out, he was knocked cold by another movie goer who managed to escape before our arrival. I cant help but wonder if the smoker kicked the habit.


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                        I hate tobacco in any form and I cannot wait for NJ to pass a no smoking in public law like California and New York City.

                        If I could keep one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain. If I could ease one life the aching or cool one pain; or lift a fainting robin unto it's nest again, I shall not live in vain. Emily Dickinson


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                          i know new york's law is very simular to MA's law. The burden is on the restaurant/bar owner to prevent in house smoking and they are subject to the fine. the law went into effect last winter and it's fun to watch all the nicotine addics puffing away outside in 10 degree weather. Never had to enforce law, but have had some open container violations from it. Some just have to have a beer with the cig.
                          retired, NOT retarded


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                            The town where I live in Indiana is smoke free in all public places, including bars. I think it is great. Can't really see too much difference in crowd sizes at any of those places.


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                              Here in Kalifornia there has been a ban on smoking in bars resturants, public places, etc. It has been great. (speaking as a non-smoker(except cigars)). MOst people don't even think about it anymore, it has become common place. I remember when they wanted to put the ban in place all teh bar owners, restuarant owners and such cried saying that they woud loose business and be forced to shut down... ya know the drama stuff. Needless to say business's didn't get hurt and more even picked up. I don't care if someone wants to smoke but I can't stand if they HAVE to smoke in front of me and I HAVE to breath it and smell like it. What is a shock is when I go out of state and eat at a restaurant that has smoking/non smoking section (yeah, they work!) . As soon as you walk in You can smell it bad.

                              If ya want to smoke.. have at it. Just don't look to me for pity because you get some "disease" and are killing yourself. Don't do it where I am forced to breathe it and we are fine. I smoke cigars on occasion and am always considerate of anyone around me.

                              Why kids today even start smoking with all the knowledge available is beyond me...... oh well, my stock in Philip Morris keeps going up (most times)


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