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Phantom 911 Calls


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  • Phantom 911 Calls

    Anyone here, in particular Staties or Highway Patrol, get phantom calls on the big road? On a regular basis we get fake calls either through dispatch or directly to the barracks for disabled cars, cars off the road, and the newest is car crash with little kids running around in the BDL.

    The other day we get a call about a disabled with children in an area we just drove through. I looked in the mirror, up and down the highway on both sides and didn't see anything resembling what the call stated.

    Now my first thoughts are perhaps a big score of drugs is passing through with a lead vanguard, and a trail car to distract any passing cruisers with a moving violation.

    I know this must happen a lot in the big cities when the bad guys want to divert police attention so that another area is wide open.

    Any narc guys have thoughts on this?
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    I hate "911 hang ups". There must be at least 10 of these a day here. Either kids playing or people f'n with the PO-leese. And of course, officers have to be dispatched to check it out. Waste of friggin time.

    There should be a law that whenever a bogus 911 is received, the line it came from is cut off pending a $50 reconnection fee. Funds going to the City/County or something. That would make people watch their little bastards a bit closer. Of course, that will never happen.
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      My agency no longer responds to 911 hang ups with no voice at pay phones.

      If you agency is recieving false reports of incidents, it could be an ambush, attempt or draw police assets away from another area.


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        I'm not talking about "911 hang ups" guys. I'm talking about a real live person calling about something that doesn't exist.
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          We get a number of calls like that but I attribute it to other factors.

          People will stop at the side of the road to check a tire, change drivers, tie down a load or even pee in the bushes. Often, well meaning folks passing by assume it is a disabled and call it in as such. If two vehicles traveling together stop and their passengers get out to stretch their legs, it often gets called in as a crash. Of course, by the time we get there its GOA because there never was a problem in the first place and the cars in question are already on their way.

          Another problem is people simply not knowing where they are. A couple of years ago we got a call late at night from the sheriff's department, reporting a crash with a vehicle over the side. When we got to the reported location, no one was present. Because the crash was supposed to be over the side, we wasted a lot of time going up and down the freeway shining spotlights down the embankment next to the road looking for the vehicle. We later discovered that the call was a mile away and the sheriff's deputy on scene simply didn't know where he was.
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            I agree. To add on my 911 idea about abuse, because we get it alot (I am a paramedic) where we get called for stupid things...(I think i broke my toe I need to go in to the hospital...I have a paper cut...I have a headache, I've had it for 3 years, so I want to go in at 4am tonight...etc..) All of the above going lights and sirens of course.

            I think that there should be a limit to how many times a person can call 911 in a 36 hour period, maybe even 48 or 72 hours. (exceptions made for domestic abuse and chronic serious illness and such) So say only one 911 call in 36 hours and if you call more than that you would recieve a fine if it was unnecessary ($100). A fine big enough that you would care.

            Either that or just refine the dispatch questions so that a papercut and such isn't a lights and siren call...

            Which one do you think will come first....


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