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What would you say to your Chief?


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  • What would you say to your Chief?

    If you could ask or say anything to your Chief without reprisal what would it be? Explain why.
    Disclaimer: The writer does not represent any organization, employer, entity or other individual. The first amendment protected views/commentary/opinions/satire expressed are those only of the writer. In the case of a sarcastic, facetious, nonsensical, stirring-the-pot, controversial or devil's advocate-type post, the views expressed may not even reflect those of the writer.

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    We've been fortunate. Our chief this go-round is pretty approachable. Nothing he doesn't know most of our opinions on anyway. If there's anything I've been holding back from the chief, it's telling him how much of a good job I think he's doing- I don't want to appear too much like kiss-***. We got enough of those already.
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      Wow, I've said most of it before and it was well received by the chief, but nothing has yet to be done. Many other officers have addressed the same issues and received good feedback from the man, but again, nothing has yet to be done to solve the issues. I'm beginning to think that the GOBC runs the show and thus there is no point in addressing issues of concern since despite the fact that the chief seems to be a good guy he is not making the calls.
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        1)Get out of the puzzle palace and get out on the street!

        2)Lead from the front and by example. "follow me"-US infantry

        2)We don't need all those people riding desks telling us to do more. I love this leadership style

        3)Get more people patrolling the streets that is what the public wants.



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          Get a Life


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            Watch your back, he's a good guy, heck Bodie might even know him . Where I work you never know where it's coming from.
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              Assuming we would also know he would answer truthfully.

              So whats the real story about that time when you were a real cop and you shot a handcuffed prisoner in the back of the head killing him dead?

              This really happened with my chief back in the 1970's when he was a street cop in another state on his original department. It was ruled an accident and he wasn't fired or charged criminally. He later became deputy chief of that same department and then chief of my dept.


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                What I have to say would be censored in a heartbeat on here....


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                  1) When are we getting rid of our crap radios.
                  2) How about a new style uniform something more practical for street work. Something that doesn't cost $150 for a pair of wool slacks that get trashed 2 days in.
                  3) When will we get the opportunity to shock the hell out of someone. We need tasers or some other non-lethal weapon. But I'll shot if that's all we have.


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                    Being a Chief changes people. They have no choice. Most "Cops Cops" in this day don't survive well at "The Top" so even if you worked side by side with the guy and "shared a few beers" etc.
                    He is no longer your buddy, your pal or even your back up most cases.


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                      I'd like to ask my Chief what the hell he was thinking when he hired me!!
                      After the pin is pulled, Mr. Hand Grenade is no longer your friend.

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                        I'd say worry less about what a few loud mouth special interest groups say & do what is in the best interests of public safety for the majority of the people in our jurisdiction.


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                          I would say... Thanks for employing me....

                          After this probation, I may say different things
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                            Retire... and hurry.


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                              My first chief I would tell to stop being so damn concerned about his image and politics. I would tell him to grow a set of balls and come out here and do the real work with us to see what it is really like. Since his head was always so far up his *** that he did not have a clue. My current chief... I would tell him to keep up the good work, and thank him for getting me out of the first hell hole I was in.
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                              The opinions given in my posts do not necessarily reflect the opinions, views, policies, and/or procedures of my employing agency. They are my personal opinions only.


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