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    I've also noticed on other applications that I've picked up, not just for LEO but any job, that when you list an employer it'll ask you if they can contact your previous employers.

    Here's my situation:

    I worked for Western Oregon University public safety my first two years of school 01-03 as a student public safety officer. After transferring to the University of Oregon, WOU took a big money cut and had to basically wipeout a big portion of the public safety office. Both the director and the asst. director resigned from the department as soon as the fiscal year of 03 was done. Technically both were my supervisors and are obviously no longer working there...what am I supposed to put when they ask if we can contact them? No one there will know who I am? Do I mark no and hope they ask why, or just yes and when they call no one will know who they are asking about?

    What should i do?
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    Did you have problems with the employer? Do the best detective work you can to find them and leave it at that. Do you think anyone remembers me from a night stocker job at a grocery in 89, no, but I listed them.
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      I had no problems with the employer at all, if I did i don't think they would have kept me on as a public safety officer. Even though i was a student, I had almost the same authority as a full time PS officer. It's just that like I said none of my supervisors are there anymore, and honestly I'm not sure any of the secretaries are still around or the officers at that. I'll dig around and see if I can find them. It's not that I wouldn't list, just wasn't sure what to do...thanks for the reply!
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        List the agency and the supervisors. You may note that they are no longer there, but any BI worth his salt will go (or call), and ask a current supervisor to look in your personell file to see if they would re-hire you.
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          Yeah I worked for a company called Interliant back in '02. They got bought out by sprint shortly after I left, and then sold to NaviSite, a company in new york. I told the detectives good luck, I doubted they had any of my HR records anymore.

          They didn't ask me anything else about it. So I still don't know what they found out, most likely nothing.


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            It's not really your problem whether or not someone leaves a company you once worked, it's the BI's job to follow up on the info you give. So, give the info the app asks for and leave it at that (or you can also note that these people left), but you don't need to do any more than that. We expect that nine times out of ten the people you list we won't be able to (or want to) talk to's the people you don't list that usually have the most info!


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              Do the best you can. List there names and phone number. If the BI calls and ask for Mr. John Doe, but the University says, "Sorry, Mr. John Doe, no longer works for our department." Atleast you did you your job. Don't lie and leave it blank.

              Good Luck and Test Well!
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