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Possible child abuse? Maybe?


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  • Possible child abuse? Maybe?

    Has anybody had any dealings with DSS in Michigan?

    I have some concerns about a couple I know that show no obvious signs of abuse, but their house is very dirty. The man was raised in a pigsty his mother never cleaned, and has one conviction for domestic abuse and has undergone anger management.

    We have told this couple they need to clean the apartment, but they always say they are too tired. It is so bad their friends won't go over there.

    Our main concern is for the 3 year old and the 6 month old they have together and the condition of the apartment.

    Will DSS automatically take the kids and keep them from their parents? or will they work with them to teach them how to be good parents?

    I had a run in with DSS many years ago, and I do not trust them to take care of the kids, who I love as if they were my own, and who I am afraid I will never see again if they are removed from the home.
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    Is it a danger to the kids. Piles of laundry and dirty dishes piled up are not illegal.
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      Possible child abuse.

      At present there are no laws on the books stating how often you must clean your house or apartment. Certainly, there are some circumstances when failure to do so could pose a hazard to children. Whether that rises to a level where the authorities become involved is questionable. Most child "protective agencies" leave a lot to be desired. Michigan's are probably no exception. Speak to your child with a little authority and they'll want to take the child from you. Woe betide you if you spank, you'll see the inside of a jail. What's a little filth though? Realistically, there's not too much you can do.


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