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Ladies, how does your husband act when out in public?


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  • Ladies, how does your husband act when out in public?

    I was thinking this last night, so I thought I would ask it.

    I know men like to be facing the door just because. If its an officer, thats the only place they sit. But how do your husband's act when your post to save him. I may be old fashion here, but I have always been taught that the man saves the women. How does your husband act differently.

    Mr. Doe

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    I can not speak for all women LEO's, but I, for one, have HUGE issues in this area. There is definitely an ego problem now that I am an LE. Don't know where it came from, don't know if it will go away, but I guess my husband is "old fashioned" too.

    Mine acts differently just by comments about not being the one to protect and defend, funny, he never did anyway!
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      See for me, my wife also wants to be in LE and has for as long as I have known her. I think that might be one of the things that attracted us to each other is that we both wanted the same career. She does not neccesarily want to be an officer but she does want to get into forensics and crime scene investigation.

      I have always been one way, I have to sit facing out from a wall when in a restaurant or public place, maybe it's the Marine in me. Needless to say that I have always been a protective man when it comes to my loved ones, whether it is my wife, kids, brothers, parents etc... it would be no different if my wife did become an officer and I did not.


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