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    I posted a thread over in the jobs forum but got no response so I'd thought I'd give it a shot here. Has anybody ever heard of being DQ'd for slightly elevated cholesterol? My came back high for the first time at 222 and my pre-employment physical is this Friday. I'm eating healthy and exercising so hopefully it will be lower. Any info would be great. Thanks.

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    Probably not but what is the cause. Excess Weight etc ?
    Many cops have elevated levels at one time or another.


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      I would say it's a combination of working thirds and some excess weight. I need to lose about 15-20 lbs. I've started a new exercise regiment and am trying to eat alot healthier so I have no doubt my levels will drop. Just not by Friday.


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        Are you certain they DQ people just for high cholesteral? 222 is elevated a bit but it's not like you have butter running through your veins. I never heard of a DQ for that but then again every state is different.

        In the majority of cases it can be kept in check with medication and proper diet. I think you'll be ok assuming you pass the PAT and have no other medical conditions that would DQ you.

        What have the officers in your state told you about this issue?
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          Nobody has told me it's a DQ. I'm just being a little paranoid I guess. This job has been a long time coming after 5 L-O-N-G years at at campus police dept. My BP is fine 120/76. I just wanted some feedback and I know this is the best place for it. Thanks folks. I'm sure I'll be fine as I have no other medical issues.


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