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jobs are few and far between


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  • jobs are few and far between

    I just finished the police academy here in northeast ohio, and towards the last few weeks, i have been calling around , and lookin for places to work part time, or even volunteer for free to hold my commission. Im already getting worried i seem to be finding nothing, even out in places like Ashtabula where they have nobody to work. Any suggestions?

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    help me out here whats POST certifacation..


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      Police Officers Standards & Training

      Basically, its the standard that all law enforcement officers have to meet to be a peace officer. Varies from state to state, and not all states call it POST.

      In CA all peace officers have to have a POST certificate. Some states will recognize a CA POST cert so if we transfered to "that" state we could bypass a full acadamy. Just check around to see what states will accept your certification and try to apply there. If your not rooted down to the area your in, look everywhere! Big Departments, hire but usually takes some time, small depts tend to hire quicker but don't hire as often. Good luck!


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        Yeah, bad timing too. I believe most department's fiscal budget has kicked in and so any spots they may have had opened probably were filled a couple of months ago.

        Keep trying though. It's not they don't need you, they just can't afford you.

        I agree with Red, try to get into a larger agency. Experience is much more valueable than mandate training. When you do get hired, get as much training as humanily possible.
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          Commission Alway First

          I have told pepole over and over again that in OHIO you need to have a commision before you waste YOUR MONEY on going to an academy and getting any sort of Certification.
          Over and over we see the certifcations expire and the money gone long before anybody gets a commission as a police officer or deputy sheriff.

          All agencies I am aware of pout even part time or "special" officers through the same background investigation etc they do full time officers and that is a n expensive process. A Chief or Sheriff won't just say hey this guy's got his academy and I can just give him a badge & gun and we're okay.

          You can't in OHIO risk the WASTE OF TIME & MONEY without first having a commission as a law enforcment officer. Schools that allow people to take Ohio Peace Officer Certification without a commissions are making money not training police officers.

          Commission Always First In OHIO NO EXCEPTIONS
          Been doing this 25 yrs You Would Think Somebody Would Listen


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            Not sure i get you Bodie. our commander even wrote an article published in the Plain Dealer about how open enrollment students for a police academy are trained just as well as hired students. Now in Ohio your commission is not good until you pass the state exam, which you cannot sit for unless you go to an academy, which you have 17 weeks of. Hired or not. In my class we had people hired on 2 in fact, who went through the hiring process by local departments, and were paid for all those weeks of academy, only to fail the state physical. And cannot sit for the state exam. Places give you mass extra civil service points fot completing the OPOTA course and being ready to hire. And lets face it. Some small departments and townships simply cannot afford to send people to a 17 week academy at a cost of about 7,000 plus pay. they rely on open enrollment students. I was just expressing that its diffucult and frustrating that all im walking in to is closed doors in trying to just get that first commission held.


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              Check Woodmere and Highland Hills for part time work maybe even Highland Heights or Richmond Heights. Heck drop an APP with Marty's party (CHPD) if you're sadistic and self hating.LOL. Someone has got to be looking for part timers in NE Ohio.
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                different hiring guidelines in different areas of the country,

                bodies advice may only apply to ohio................

                look at the economy and growth of any given state.......

                I'm from Illinois, and the C.P.D. at that time told me i'd get

                gray hair before they'd hire a young w/m , so after i got furloughed

                from my job, and got the h.s. nonsense outta my system I just

                asked around in " BREVARD COUNTY, FLA ( kennedy space center)

                how do ya become a L.E.O...and bingo 1 yr later from the time i

                got to fla, I was sworn into my police job at $5.37 hr......

                just find out what area's of the country are growing and get away from
                stagnated area's.

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                  Commission means you are hired and sworn in as a Peace Officer. You have a job. HUNDREDS go through self paid acdemies only to see their certification expire long before you get hired and I do mean hundreds

                  Sure your school commander si going to put a positive spin on the acdemy value before hire That's how he makes his BIG BUCKS.

                  It does not matter in Ohio if you have an academy under your belt.
                  What matters is you meet the criteria for hire and pass all the written and background tests. Having OPOTC certification is pretty much bottom of the list for most agencies. They will send you to the 17 wekk academy.

                  If an agency can't afford to send you to school then they will be at the bottom of the pay scale and you won't make a living and won't stay on board as an officer anyway.

                  An Officer needs about $45,000 per yr to get by. Taking low pay now days just to be a cop is unfair to yourself and your family. I see guys that want to be cops living at levels way below what they should and their spouse and kid having to do without basic comforts and normal family things

                  That is just plain wrong and selfish on a guy who just wants to ba a cop to do to his family and himself. Get an education and qualify through normal channels to be an officer at an agency that pays you and pays for your school.

                  WE have some in Central Ohio that so what if you have an academy they send you to the CPD or OSHP acdemy anayway. SO you wasted money.

                  Have your school commander give you a TRUE list of all in Ohio that were OPOTC certifed statewide BEFORE becoming officers and compare that to the
                  list of those that lost certification because it lapsed before they could land a job.

                  That will have proven my point.
                  Haven't done this FOREVER to not know.


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                    Hey I just remembered I worked with a guy back in 95 who left to go to South Euclid, OH. ANyone here from that area can maybe PM me and if they could maybe get in touch with him? Thanks, Jobs in PA esp. Pittsburgh area are also very hard tpo come by. The city alone has lost since 1995 about 50 thousand residents. They were around 369-379 K and last year were down to 320K....
                    I got nothing for now


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                      Take your Ohio Certfication and start applying to Florida agencies like Brevard County and Metro Dade etc.
                      In Ohio we have passed on guys that have OPOTC and hired somebody without just because they had a higher degree or better background like no tickets at all or were in better physical condition etc. That OPOTC Certficate doesn't hold much weight in the hiring process unless you are alos of claen background , have a degree ( at least Assoiciates) and have no tickets have claen credit and are in top physical condition. Lots of things add up before that OPOTC Certfication will help. We can get you that within a year the rest we can't issue or pay for.


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                        Originally posted by e-man
                        Hey I just remembered I worked with a guy back in 95 who left to go to South Euclid, OH. ANyone here from that area can maybe PM me and if they could maybe get in touch with him? Thanks, Jobs in PA esp. Pittsburgh area are also very hard tpo come by. The city alone has lost since 1995 about 50 thousand residents. They were around 369-379 K and last year were down to 320K....

                        PM me we have our range there and I know almost all of them.
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                          Don't think the economy in Ohio is real good right now. I'd look in other states.


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                            You are correct Cleveland laid off officers and others have hiring freezes in effect


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                              columbus will be hiring this fall. filing date for application is october 7th through november 17


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