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  • Radar Gun Safety

    Has anyone ever heard of the lawsuit a couple officers brought to court a few years back regarding the safety of their radar guns. I believe they stated they were made infertile due to testicular cancer. I know radar guns are getting smaller and have less output of microwaves than they used to, but is radar gun safety still an issue today?

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    Some officers rest the radar in their laps when they aren't using it.

    I personally don't like running radar cause it just looked like it'll cause testicle cancer.

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      OSHP started mountin radar outside on light bar because of some concerns but nothing is proven yet. I would be more concerned about prolonged cellphone use right at the ear and keeping cellphone on in pocket close to a mans private parts etc.
      Stories about the Radar Gun were aired a few years back


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        The testicular cancer was brought up several years ago at a Pa state legislature meeting reguarding use of radar by local cops (currentlt Pa does not allow radar use by municpal cops). Some PSP joker made mention of the testicular cancer. I guess its ok to get the staties sick but gotta keep the locals healthy.. Makes no sense.
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          I heard it was from resting the hand held radars on your lap while it was still on, pointing at your boys.


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            Originally posted by DUI_eliminator
            The Dept I work for uses laser guns. They are more precise and accurate. I have heard of the cancer thing before and have knowledge of an officer getting cancer from keeping the radar gun in his crotch area/resting it in his lap.
            Whew.......glad I'm "safe"!


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