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    Well I am trying to get into a local pd here. i put in my application and talked to a few people. Well I am 21 and have a few friends who are 20 and under. I dont buy them booze or anything and they know better than to ask. It was recommended that I not be around them when they are drinking and such. Well I have another friend who is of age that thinks I am being totally out of line by not hanging around them. Do you guys think I made a wize choice? I was really hoping my friends would understand and for the most part the younger ones do but the older one just doesn't like me anymore for it. I would appreciate some input.
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    ***NOT A COP***

    If you're witnissing underage drinking, you're witnessing a crime. If you do nothing to stop them, then you're giving tacit approval to that crimeN Not only that, but if they're busted for underage drinking, and you're there... well, I shouldn't think you'd want to get in the middle of that. I think the best course of action is to avoid them when they're drinking. If they're not mature enough to understand why, then you may be better off avoiding them anyhow.
    STFU! Another great suggestion from the same mind that brought you "Kiss my butt" and "Leave me alone"

    Why not?


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      **FORMER LEO**
      my suggestion,,keep your nose as clean as possible in any and all forms and fashions while you are in the application phase and prior to,,, they know that no one is an angel, but dont intentionally put yourself in a situation that is bad or could even be considered bad...also,,get prepared, you will lose some friends.


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        I had a friend who died in an ambulance wreck a few years back who was a hell of a cop. He worked for a very small department and was trying to get on with US Capitol Police (all he ever wanted to do). He was at a friend's house one night shooting pool. His friend's younger brother was having a party in the basement (not where pool table was). A couple of young (17 y/o) ladies had been at the party and were drinking. Shortly after they left the encountered the local SO, were subsequently detained, charged and retruned home. During the ordeal one of them dropped my friend's name and stated that he had been at the house where they were drinking. He was called in Monday morning and asked about it. He was honest and stated that he was at the house, but not involved with the party. He was terminated in short order. This set him back with Capitol Police and he had to work as a medic on a private ambulance service to pay the bills.

        About a year after his termination he was doing a transport on the Beltway and his ambulance rolled. He was in the back and was struck in the head with a portable oxygen tank. He died later that day. Two days later his wife got his hire letter from Capitol Police.

        So, does it really matter? Might not seem like much, but one stupid decision can cost you everything.

        "there is no hunting like the hunting of man and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never really care for anything else thereafter." Ernest Hemingway


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          oo FORD Svt Lightning ?? How is your driving record also ??
          Stay as far away from that bunch as possible. If anybody is underage where you are LEAVE at once


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            my driving record is excellent. my lightning is babied around town, if i decide i want to cut her loose i go to the drag strip. everytime some punk wants to race me i dont because i know that wouldnt look too good either.
            si vis pacem para bellum


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              thanks for the replies. i dont know why it bothered me so much the way he was being but it did. it wouldn't bother me cutting ties with him. i find myself getting annoyed with him anyway. the career is more important to me right now anyway, not pretending we are still in high school. Thanks again
              si vis pacem para bellum


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                It's nice to have a truck that can embarrass some punks with their rice burners and other so called "fast" cars isn't it ?????????????? Used to have a GMC that was tuned / built and it smoked 5.0 Mustangs etc all day long


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                  They are not your real friends who do not share in the same career path that you have chosen. You showed maturity when you decided not to hang out with them.

                  Are they going to pay your mortgage, bills, car payment, etc...?

                  "Do what's right when no one is looking."

                  Friends come and go, a career in law enforcement is a lifetime dream.

                  Officer LeQuang
                  Good Luck and Test Well!
                  Author of: How to become a peace officer by Wayne LeQuang (google it)

                  L.B.P.D. Academy #75
                  6 month of pain, for a 30 year career.

                  visit: youtube.com "Black Monday" Great Video from LASD.


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                    If you plan on being a police officer this is good practice. You need to decide for yourself what the best course of action is. You won't always have another cop next to you and tell you what you should do. So make a decision and stick with it. Best of luck.
                    You have no right to not be offended.-Neal Boortz


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                      Here is the Deal.

                      Stay away from them for a host of reasons. One, is the that kids do stupid things. Second reason, is so your name isn't not "carded" to the file!!!

                      That way when you're in the background investigation you won't have to explain why your on file with some drunk under age boneheads.

                      And as far as your friend goes, cut him loose. If he can't respect your beliefs, whether they are right or wrong, he ain't much of a pal.

                      Personally, I think tabacco is the true ememy. Yes, booze is a problem but 99% of "clients" smoke!!! And just about every domestic you attend will be at an apartment, trailer, house, or cardboard box, that's blue with smoke.

                      So - beware of smokers as well!!!! Actually, TRUST NO ONE, like in the x-files, it safer that way..

                      I better go, I heard a noise.....


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                        thanks again folks. i went and took a test today. they said i should find out in a couple weeks if i get an interview or not. i got my fingers crossed. i hate losing friends but like you say he isnt being much of one. i just hate people thinking i am the reason all this is happening....oh well hopefully this will all be done for soon anyway when i get that job
                        si vis pacem para bellum


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                          Good luck on your testing.


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                            Hello Everyone! anyone here from pa.? I have a question on optaining a concealed gun permit.. I know as much that You have to go to the government center for application.but what else do i need to bring? any help would be great.thanks


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                              General Question

                              You're known by the company you keep. Old proverb. Very true. Adhere to it. Good luck.


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