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Police Academy Beginning to End


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  • Police Academy Beginning to End

    Today was our final day of instruction of the Ohio Basic Peace Officer Academy,
    It seems like it just started yesterday on the ice cold snowy day in February. I learned so much about myself, and others, about what a mind can accomplish, and what a body can achieve when it wants to It was very rewarding yet also very trying on myself and my wife who just married me less that 7 months earlier. I want to thank all of those who gave me support along the way. You know who you are. My original intent was to keep a journal but because of people from my class being informers, i decided against it. Anyone who needs advice on what to expect from Ohio police academy, from a student who just finished , feel free to PM me or ask on the board, i will respond. I sorta dropped outta sight after my problem with the instructor on range, but i finished up fine. and no further incidents at all. Again thanks to everyone, now i get to look foward to that state exam on july 13


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    Good luck finding a job in Ohio..I finished the academy up there in October '03 and couldn't find a job to save my life. Now I'm in Atlanta, happy as can be!!


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      how hard was the state exam ap ???


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        If you did ok with your academics during the academy, you'll be fine....I got an 87 and didn't study that hard for it.

        Which academy did you attend?


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          check your pm box ap


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            The state exam I took in April was much tougher than I was led to believe. I had the highest score in our class with only an 87........

            Congrats on finishing the program!
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