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2005 duties, 1985 pay for NYPD's next rookies


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  • 2005 duties, 1985 pay for NYPD's next rookies

    Come on NYC, who the hell is going to want to do the job when they won't even make enough money for a parking spot????????? The 10% raise was needed, heck, it was needed by the recruits also. Actually, they need a 100% raise to even begin to compete with other areas on COL.

    2005 duties, 1985 pay for NYPD's next rookies


    Rookie cops will earn a paltry $25,100 a year under a new contract
    approved by a state arbitration panel - the lowest starting salary
    for NYPD officers in at least 20 years.
    The drastic pay cut is designed to help fund a 10.25% raise over two
    years for officers already on the payroll. But critics fear it will
    harm the NYPD's ability to recruit new cops.

    "How can the city justify having young police officers strap on a gun
    belt and a bulletproof vest for $25,000 a year?" a nine-year NYPD
    veteran asked yesterday. "This is absolutely ridiculous."

    The previous starting pay for NYPD rookies was about $36,000 plus an
    annual uniform allowance, holiday pay and health insurance.

    Under the new pact, recruits will earn $25,100 a year while they are
    in the Police Academy - more than $7,000 less than rookies in Suffolk
    County and the MTA, Port Authority and state police departments.

    Despite the disparity, the chairman of the arbitration panel defended
    the new rookie salary. "They have not yet experienced the dangers,
    the stress and the responsibilities of incumbent police officers,"
    Chairman Eric Schmertz wrote.

    Mayor Bloomberg, who had wanted to grant cops a raise of no more than
    5% over three years, said last night the Patrolmen's Benevolent
    Association "chose" to lower rookie salaries in exchange for higher
    pay for veterans.

    He added that the city had set aside $800 million to cover the PBA's
    new contract and similar deals that may now be struck with city
    firefighters and correction officers.

    But like the cops, Bloomberg added, other unions will have to submit
    to the same salary reductions for new hires - or find equivalent

    Asked how the city would hire 3,000 cops a year with lower pay, the
    mayor responded, "We are going to find out. But whether we can or we
    can't, that is the way the arbitrator ruled."

    But NYPD officials dismissed concerns about recruitment.

    Deputy Police Commissioner Paul Browne noted that more than 85,481
    candidates have applied for fewer than 10,000 openings since 2002.

    The new NYPD salary rises to $34,000 after 18 months and reaches
    $38,000 after 2-1/2 years.

    The base pay tops out at $59,588 after 51/2 years. All cops will have
    to give up one personal day, and accept as many as 15 scheduling
    changes to their tours, up from 10. The average cop also will get
    $13,700 in back pay.

    PBA President Patrick Lynch said the arbitration decision "puts us in
    the right direction." But he argued the rookie pay "is not in the
    long-term interest of the city."

    Cash crunch

    City cops won a significant pay raise, but their new salaries still
    trail many other major police departments around the nation:

    Maximum base salary

    Nassau $93,079
    Suffolk $84,545
    San Jose, Calif. $80,255
    San Francisco $76,055
    Port Authority $75,719
    Los Angeles $71,090
    Yonkers $68,579
    Chicago $64,962
    NYPD $59,588

    Rookie salary

    Suffolk $49,634
    N.Y. State Police $48,907
    MTA Police $33,000
    Port Authority $32,500
    NYPD $25,100
    Nassau $23,000

    Source: New York State Public Employment Relations Board

    Originally published on June 29, 2005
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    For California police academy notes go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CABasicPolice/

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    Originally posted by pkagel
    Under the new pact, recruits will earn $25,100 a year while they are in the Police Academy
    At my academy recruits earn $420/week=$21,840/year. It hasn't changed in 10 years. No, not quite the cost of living like NYC, but close.

    After insurance and taxes, my take home pay was $589 every 2 weeks for 6 months.

    Add mortgage, car payments+gas prices, etc. It's all how bad you want it.
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      i was making 30 grand while i was in the academy and that was 10 years ago. i could imagine trying to make it on 25 grand today.
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        F that

        i can't believe it. WHERE THE HELL DO YOU LIVE IN NYC FOR $25,000 A YEAR. People at Burger King make more than that in NYC.

        I wana puke!
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          I hired and sworn the same day, $378 every 2 weeks take home,
          sept 83, then oct...i got a big 5% raise......
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            Originally posted by RedDog
            Glad its not as bad as you guys SINE... I feel your pain brother!
            I collected $508/week from unemployment when I got back from active duty last year. So I basically took a pay cut to go to the academy!

            Less money plus pushups/yelling/screaming/shave my head/live with men? Cool! Where do I sign up????
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              Cash crunch my ***! they just don't want to pay! NYPD has already becoming a training ground for law enforcment in New York state. you get hired by NYPD, get the academy under your belt, a couple of years of street smarts. take another test for a county job in the state, score well and they will hire you in a heart beat. NYPD in the past 20 years have lost more good cops then they know and it's all because they don't pay. The city has lost more money with this attitude then they would have if they just paid their officer a decent salary.
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                I don't think NYPD officers in general get paid NEARLY enough. For the cost of living there, a patrol officer should top out in the 6 figure range.

                However, there are a lot of states where you get paid NOTHING while you're in the academy. You actually have to PAY several thousand dollars to put yourself through, and hope you find a job after you graduate.

                I'm not saying this doesn't suck, because it does. I don't care what the politicians say, they're going to have problems drawing good applicants.
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                  Originally posted by aikido kid
                  i can't believe it. WHERE THE HELL DO YOU LIVE IN NYC FOR $25,000 A YEAR. People at Burger King make more than that in NYC.

                  I wana puke!

                  I agree. I would never work of an agency that doesn
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