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Confused, worried, and could possibly be a dumb ***


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  • concon02
    *Not LEO*
    That's a tough one man. Like you said, it could be just a lonely kid with too much time on their hands, or it could be a serious issue. I'd encourage you not too look to hard into it and just let the girl know that she really needs to get help for this. Really, that's all that can be done. Only she has the power to fix things, you really can't do anything for her but show her the door. Hopefully she can be smart enough to get herself out of this. Don't stress it.

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  • FutureLEO04
    Guest started a topic Confused, worried, and could possibly be a dumb ***

    Confused, worried, and could possibly be a dumb ***

    Alright, I have no clue where to start, I only know that I need help because I honestly feel I have no where else to turn for this one. So like most normal teenagers in college I'm on the net doing research for papers and emailing the people I can't keep in touch with from high school. But anyway, I have an instant messenger and a profile, tells a little about me, no real personal information, just hobbies and interests.
    So this random girl IMs me....says she was profile surfing and wants to talk. So we started talking and just b-sing occasionally over the next week or so, nothing I thought anything about except maybe she needed a friend to talk to or osmething. No big deal to me. The next day she says she needs to talk. I assume it's over something simple like she's lost with her plans in life, or failed a test at school, or her b/f broke up w/ her or something...well she tells me she was gang raped by some guys awhile back.....I asked for some details, it sounded pretty bad. Said ever since then it had been continuing. So I offer to look up the child abuse hotline number, told her it wasn't her fault, asked if she'd told anyone, been tested for stds, pregnancy, etc.....I basically tried to talk her through it as best as possible. I really didn't know what to say.
    From what I gather, she lives with her brother, parents aren't around...and she's made a lot of bad choices. I'd like to know if there's any way I can help this person, or at least find out if she's credible. Her story is heartbreaking.... she wont give me personal details about herself or anyone involved, and even if she did I couldn't do much more than report it. I don't know if she feels safe talking to someone online b/c it's secure...I have no way of knowing who she is or anything. At the same time, I realize some people just like to make up random drama bull **** to mess with people and cause problems too. I really want to help this person if it's a real issue that's occuring, just not sure how or what to do. Any ideas or suggestions? If you guys have delt with abuse victims, what are common signs? I mean, it's not like I can read for body language or see the bruises. Part of me would love to believe she's making all of this up, as angry as I'd be, it would be easier then contemplating the alleged truth....any imput, any at all would be helpful.
    thanks guys, I know this is wierd. I just can't let it go...the thought makes me sick.

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