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      Originally posted by pkagel
      Here is your best bet. Join the USAF and go to school while in. The AF values education more than any of the other services. The AF also has a very respectable police program. Do your 4 years and get out and use your GI Bill to cover any further classes you need for your BS degree and join a department.

      As a soon to be retiring USAF Cop. I agree we have a very respectable police program. However, our deployment rates are also extremely high with no relief in sight. For a four year enlistee you can probably count on deploying to SW Asia at least 2 if not three times during that period.

      Just my .02
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        My two cents about the USAF. Before I continue I will say that it was one hell of an experience, and I wouldnt chage a thing about what I did.

        They say they value education more, but as an AF cop, it was damn near impossible to go to school. I was only able to take one course during my four years, and believe it or not I never got deployed and I still couldnt take classes. My bases schedule was so messed up it was just out of the question. As far as credits gained from basic and tech school, that is all good and well, but most schools in my neck of the woods will not accept the CCAF credits. They took 4 of over 30.

        Even though some say they are respectable, I would have to say that is debatable. I am currently going for my 2 year degree in Minnesota, and I feel taht I am learning far more about police work than I did in my 4 years in the AF. Sure some of the training is pretty useful and you can relate some of it, but I feel that the AF in a sense leaves out some important things. Depending on your base, you could be set. You could get great trainng, and equipment, or you could get minimal training, and poor equipment. Your base makes the difference. Where I was at the local PD thought we were a joke.

        I am not saying that it is all that bad. You can gain some valuable people skills, and a basic feel for police work. How to deal with a subject is not something you can just pick up in a classroom, you have to do it. That is the biggest thing I took away from the AF.

        I would reccomend my approach. Go in take some classes as you can, and take any civilian LE courses offered by local PDs. When you get out use the GI Bill to finish off what you couldnt do in the AF. Even going for 2 years after I get out, The GI Bill will more than cover what I need. Get some type of civilian position with a pd while you go to school, it can often be about who you know.

        best of luck
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