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I am in the testing process...


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  • I am in the testing process...

    and I have my oral set for this Thursday. I am nervous to say the least. I have passed other oral boards, but that was a few years ago and I REALLY want to get this position.

    I was wondering if anyone had any pointers for me going into this one, I want to do my best but I feel like I am beginning to psych myself out!

    Any help would be great, thanks.

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    Hope you give good oral! haha..

    My oral exam was actually fun.. I enjoyed it. Just a bunch of situational questions.. If at any point they try to box you in with a wierd situation, your out (which you don't want to use all the time) is call your supervisor.

    If it's not a split-second decision, and you really aren't sure what to do, make sure you CYA.


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      Pick and an answer and don't waffle. No matter what you say someone is then going to try and get you to change your mind. Unless you made a real bonehead answer, stick with what you decided to begin with, realize that they are following the oral board playbook when they start poking holes in your decision, and stick with it. Acknowledge that what they are saying could be a different way to handle it but stick to your guns. They are trying to see if you are indecisive and a waffler.


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        Thanks... I appreciate the good advice. I took an oral board in Oakland CA for the PD there and passed it, I got all the way into my background and for some reason did not get through that one. So I am hoping this one is the same outcome.


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