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health question about becoming an officer


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  • health question about becoming an officer

    Would having a few episodes of siezures in the past stop me from becoming LEO? The last siezure happened over 2 years ago.
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    Yea, thats gonna be a hard one to get away with... Why dont you try contacted the dept your attempting to get hired on with, and ask them...

    Ussually a medical condition that can put you or others in danger, is gonna be a disq.

    I wouldnt want to be in a shoot out, and look over to see my partner convolsing...

    Good luck though...


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      Depending on where you apply....I think that the minimum time without having a seizure is 5 years at most places (not 100% sure).


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        Go to this website. It will explain general concerns about police applicants who have had seizures.

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          Forget LEO career. The seizures even under control will count you out especially with OSHP. You would be a danger to yourself and a liability to the agency.


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            The ADA says that as long as it's under control with medication, you can't be discriminated against. But to be honest, that BS. I was DQ'd from NYPD for medical because I took anti convulsive meds in the past year. I haven't had any problems since 2000 and even then it was just minor shaking after I'd wake up from a short nap.

            Good luck getting into LE. Every agency I've spoken with has broken my balls over the medical. Forget about a big city PD, they've got 300+ applicants who aren't epileptic and they won't take a chance on you with that kind of applicant pool.

            I can understand why the doctors and officers are hesitant to allow an epileptic to work in LE, but I've gotten letters from two neurologists stating my condition wouldn't pose any minor or serious threats to myself, fellow officers, or civilians if I was a LEO.


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