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  • New guy here

    Hello, First off I am 21 years old and trying to get hired by a department in the NW.

    I just recieved a letter about a physical test that is coming up in less then 2 weeks.

    Any advice that can help me out in this time, and yes i am in shape.

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    RUN - get up to 5 miles if you can.
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      hi and good luck!!!!!!!!!!


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        oh my.....this is not sounding to good.


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          Eat healthy these next two weeks. Keep up your work out routine and don't neglect to balance cardio and strength training. Stretch daily even if you aren't going to do a strenuos workout and get plenty of sleep the night before. Hydrate the night before and begin again as soon as you get up. And most importantly, do your best. Good luck.
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            My best advice is to relax and try not to be nervous. If you are in good shape just follow the advice that you have been given. My weakness for testing was nerves..but I got over it and it feels good when you finish the test. Good Luck!
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              Thank you very much for the advice. Apparently if i pass the physical tests on the 11th, i have the written and video on the 12th, and if that goes well then the oral board on the 13th!!!! I have never heard of such fast testing before.


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                Hey there new guy welcome

                and now I am off to bed....
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                  Hello, and welcome...


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