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Thoughts on PD who don't provide weapons for officers


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  • Thoughts on PD who don't provide weapons for officers

    I was on a ride along this week with a local PD that I'm in the hiring process with here in Colorado. I inquired why the officer didn't have a shotgun in the car with him. He stated that the department doesn't provide them and it's up to the officer to purchase his own. This goes for handgun, shotgun, and rifles. Also the holster too.

    Is this the exception rather than the rule for other most PD's?

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    Do they use their POVs too? I'm not sure I would want to work for them. If they don't provide one of the most basic tools for their officers (handguns), there are probably alot of other issues inside the department besides just that.
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      Our dept has shotguns in all the cars and one mini 14. They do not provide us with our sidearms though. We do have a uniform allowance, and obviously can get a gun with it. But, for new hires, that may not have a piece, the uniform allowance doens't cover it.

      Most all dept's I know of provide shotguns etc, most sidearms. Generally around here the smaller dept's are the ones that dont' provide handguns.


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        Re: Thoughts on PD who don't provide weapons for officers

        Originally posted by ironwill
        Is this the exception rather than the rule for other most PD's?
        Around here, it's very much the exception. I don't know of any agency near me that doesn't issue sidearms.
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          Im pretty sure Palm Beach Sheriffs Office does not provide your weapons, and they are one of the largest agencies in the state. I dont think it is a specific indicator as to what kind of dept it is or that there are other, inherent, internal problems. I think its just a way for the dept to save some money by making the new officer eat the 500.00 for a weapon. It also allows officers to choose their specific weapon, which i am sure is a big plus for many. Obviously, I would prefer my dept to provide one, but if I want to work there, Id eat the cost. Now if the dept didnt let you carry a weapon...hmm thatd be a whole diff story
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            Originally posted by R00tBreaker
            Do they use their POVs too?
            Sorry. I am not familiar with that acronym. Could you elaborate? Thanks.


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              Personally owned vehicle.


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                POV = Personally (or Privately) Owned Vehicle
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                  Originally posted by ufresdave
                  Now if the dept didnt let you carry a weapon...hmm thatd be a whole diff story
                  I'm not sure where I heard about this (it might have been O.com) but there was a case of a university police department, a POLICE department with sworn officers, not allowing the officers to carry sidearms because of the "image" it presented. If I was working for that department, they would have had my resignation papers the next day. There is no way I'm going out there with a badge and squad car unarmed.
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                    Some states have laws requiring employers to provide their employees with "safety equipment." In California, that has been interpreted to include firearms, vests, handcuffs, sam brown, pepper spray, etc. I believe many agencies out here will not allow you to carry a personally owned gun as your primary weapon, simply for reasons of civil liability, not to mention the safety equipment requirement.

                    In addition, California has another state law that requires an employer to reimburse its employees for anything they are required to purchase for use in the course of their employment.

                    Those of you that are required to furnish your weapon might want to check and see if your state has similar laws.
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                      IW, there are depts here in CO which, depnding on the individual PD, do not issue you with guns, boots or even a patrol jacket.
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                        Agencies here that don't provide handgun cut you a check to go buy one specified on their list. As far as shotgun almost all that have them or allow them provide one per car. Hard to believe but some agencies don't provide or allow shotguns.


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                          we have..a list of handguns we can buy and use....
                          and we have to buy our own shotgun...

                          ya wonder what they do withthe money and stuff they confiscate,'
                          until the late sheriff cochran came to office...we had to buyour own
                          leather,,and stuff....

                          we have a few city agencies, that provide a great deal to their sworn staff.

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                            Most agencies down here do provide all of your gear, including your sidearm. PBSO (Palm Beach Sheriff's Office) does not provide your weapon for you. They used to give you a list and you would have to purchase your handgun from that list, but now the only option is the GLOCK 22/23.
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                              Years ago our contract said we were to get two checks a year to buy replacment uniform parts etc. Rather then have a clothing room etc.
                              Well quite a few officers took the sizeable checks and bought new guns etc and ended up not having uniforms that could pass inspection.

                              Checks were big enough you could even get the latest and greatest vest etc. Many officers had to dig deep after blowing money for guns etc and buy their own shirts, pants and coats.


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