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Would this be too much?


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  • Would this be too much?

    During college I had an instructor who was a police officer teaching us the basics of policing. During the portion of the course regarding hiring and interviewing he brought a portfolio of his education, accomplishments, awards, accomodations, reviews and such to class. He stated that he gave these portfolios to each interviewer when he interviewed. He would make them colorful and would bind them at Kinko's. It cost some money to do for each interview but if it helps you stand out then it would be worth it.
    Has anyone ever heard of this? I thought about doing it but am unsure how it would actually go over during the interview. I think they would be flipping through the pages rather than listening to me -- but on the other hand that may be a good idea.
    Do you, as an interviewer, think this would be to much or a good idea?
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    I think it's a good idea I did something similar on mine. I interviewed on a Friday and got a call the following Monday.

    I brought a brief portfolio. Sometimes the appearance is enough. I didn't even refer to mine. Just had it in my lap, just in case. You might not get a chance to use it. It depends on the questions the ask you.

    I brought with me the following:
    Resumes ( multiple copies)
    notepad w/ questions I wanted to ask the panel.
    Academic Award I received - This was to prove I can handle the Academy
    Business cards from my current Supervisor - My supervisor insisted this.

    Test scores from a Police exam I took for another agency.

    That's all I had in my portfolio.
    You should carry one. I don't know about giving them all a copy. Because they are going to find out most stuff from the Background Check. That doesn't sound like a bad idea though. In fact that's a good one.

    Carrying a Portfolio gives the appearance that you are serious about the job. It enhance your professional appearance.
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      I dont think being over-prepared would be a bad thing. Like was said already the more prepared you seem, the more positive of an impression you're going to have on the board. If its possible to increase your image with the board, isn't it worth it?


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        Medici- I think it may be a little too much, only for the fact that it is for a LE position (I assume). I think if you were to do this for a non-leo job it would be fine. But with all the other test/exams/background investigations/etc/etc that they put you through I think the time you spend putting the information together would be better spent spending time thinking about your response to certain questions / scenarios / thats just my opinion though...

        I always carry a black portfolio w/ me, it seems to make me seem more prepared, for those of you that carry a portfolio w/ you to the interview, do u actually open up the portfolio during the interview and review any questions you have for them? All the times Ive carried one I dont think ive ever opened it...I usually list main points I want to hit on during the interview as well as any main points about myself I was to make sure I remember to mention during the interview,...I usually go over this in the parking lot before i go in as well as any time i may have waiting in the lobby, i just had an interview yesterday and i did exactly this it seemed to go good, a BI was contacting my references later in the day


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          I agree with 50skid!

          In fact I remembering writing anticipated questions down and answering them on my notepad. I had this in my portfolio as well. I forgot to mention that. I reviewed my portfolio while I was sitting in the waiting area before my interview. I had to refresh my mind.
          Write some anticipated questions down and your answers, keep them in your portfolio as well. Read them everyday up until your interview.
          Your life is an open book, what message are you giving the readers.


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            It's a great idea.


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              Gosh, am I'm going to be the only one here who disagrees?

              First, I assume you are talking about dealing with members of an oral board.

              In order to maintain fairness to all candidates, structured orals are just that - structured. The panel has a list of specific questions they are supposed to ask all candidates, along with a list of what is considered an appropriate response for each question. Your oral score is supposed to be based on that, and nothing else.

              Provide half of what they are looking for on a specific question and they will give you 50% for that question. Provide everything they are looking for and they will give you 100% on that question. In order to maintain fundamental fairness to all applicants, you can't deviate from the process.

              When you start considering subjective things such resumes, photos, news clippings, awards and certificates, you are granting preferential treatment to, and applying a totally different standard to that applicant while denying the same opportunity to the rest. This can invalidate the entire testing procedure. If you handed me a package like that in the oral, I would immediately hand it back to you to avoid allegations of improper testing standards.
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