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A chance in hell?


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  • A chance in hell?

    I would like to be in LE. I would like to know if any, or combination of the following about me would hinder this.

    I have had 15 jobs in the last 10 years. Been fired from 3 of them. Last termination was in 2002 for

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    My opinion doesn't really count for anything, but here it is.

    Everyone has blemishes on his or her personal history. I haven't met a perfect person yet. Getting into law enforcement is a competative process though, and you are going to be evaluated against everyone else in the pool.

    It sounds like you already know what the big things against you already are. First of all you have a misdemeanor charge on your history. Your version of the story sounds plausible, but I can't say what any department looking at you is going to think. There was enough evidence after all for a charge to be brought against you. Your best bet is to ask up front about that with the particular department you're interested in.

    Fifteen jobs and 10 different addresses in 10 years? I know one thing that a lot of departments look for in a person is stability. Getting fired on 3 different occasions doesn't help much either. The "insubordination" may come across as looking particularly poor as it raises questions about how you will perform in an hierarchical environment. Your military service however may help to balance that out.

    Contact the departments you're interested in and see what they have to say. The worst they can say is no.
    People always tell the truth. The trick is knowing what to listen for.


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      Based on what you listed, it doesn't look good - at least for the moment.

      I think your biggest problem is your work history. There are two issues here:

      1. Unless there are some really extenuating circumstances that were way beyond your control, going through 15 jobs in the past 10 years suggests a tremendous amount of personal instability. Many agencies are going to be reluctant to invest money in your training and salary during training if they may lose you right away.

      2. The three terminations for cause will hurt you as well, as they all seem to center around insubordinate conduct. In a job like this you will always be called upon to resolve problems involving uncooperative people. If you are a hard nose with a rigid sense of right and wrong yourself, you will only wind up making problems worse rather than fixing them. A police agency can't afford to employ someone like that.

      The road rage incident will depend on what the police reports say and how you present your side to the background investigator.

      As a side note, I don't know you and can only guess at what kind of a person you are. However, in reading your letter - the way you word it, the inflection, the way you present your version of things -it all suggests that you have difficulty being flexible and tend to see things only in black or white. (If I'm wrong I apologize - it's just this is the impression I got from your letter.) The problem is, 95% of police work falls within grey areas where you have to be very flexible, patient and constantly adjust to every new circumstance. It sounds like you might have difficulty meeting the needs of the job.

      I wouldn't apply until I had at least three years of stability behind me in both my work performance and address history.
      Going too far is half the pleasure of not getting anywhere


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        I don't know you from adam, so my opinion counts for basicly nothing, but from what you posted, it seems like you always find yourself in trouble, as if you have self control issues. If any of the incidents had to do with the fact you were homosexual, it would not suprise me, due to the unaccecpting nature of a lot of people, but other than that, it appears as if you have a short temper.

        I also know genuinly nice people that find themselves in the middle of situations like this on a fairly regular basis, so without knowing you, it's hard to say anything is certian.
        A true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.

        -GK Chesterton


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          Look for a new career or go to college. Its to competitive these days.


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            Chance in hell?

            My first impression of you based on your post is, that you have some issues.I am not referring to your sexual orientation.I am referring to what on the surface seems to be instability in regards to holding jobs, and possible anger issues that would send up considerable red flags if I was you background investigator.Keep in mind that most agencies have a pretty good applicant pool,and as a result,they can pretty well pick and choose among candidates.Agencies are not looking for saints or rocket scientists,but are looking for applicants with above average intelligence,good work histories,good physical and mental health,the ability to follow orders and instructions,and often work in dangerous and unstable environments. If you think that's you,apply.If not,choose another field.


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