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What do you do when someone doesn't sign their ticket?


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    in oklahoma if a person wont sign they go to jail. signing just means that you will take care of the ticket or show up for court.
    if you dont have enough strife on the job yet wait till the city council offers their two cents worth


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      Simple....We dont need a signature on our tickets. It doesn't even ask for one.
      Ian MacMillan
      Nottingham, New Hampshire


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        Texas input

        Beat the ever loving cr*p outta them . . .

        Seriously, I explain to them that thier signature is not an admission of guilt, it merely confirms that they did recieve the citation and will contact the courts ...

        as for not signing,

        a) I can write "refused to sign" in the space where they are supposed to sign.

        b) hand them the citation and inform them that they are still required to contact the Court.

        c) The citation can also be "instantered", meaning they are arrested for the offense on the spot.

        Though, with all this being said, in 9 yrs on the job I have never had anyone refuse to sign a citation.



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          I have only had several occasions where people have refused to sign. A lot of times they threaten to call the sheriff.

          I tell them that signing the ticket is not an admission of guilt, it's a promise to appear and answer the charges against them. If they refuse to sign I will write refused to sign and advise them of there court date. I will also tell them that if they fail to appear in court a judgement will be entered against them and their license will be restrained until they pay the fine.


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            Originally posted by Chase

            It makes sense if you think about it. By signing the ticket, he is merely promising to appear in court to answer for the violation. Consequently, by refusing to sign the ticket, he is effectively saying that he does not intend to appear in court. So taking him to jail is really the only logical alternative.
            In VT, most traffic violations are Civil Infractions, not crimes. Henceforth, you cannot be arrested, even if you don't show up for court. The only "punishment" is that your license will be suspended for failing to pay the fine. Even if you get caught driving while suspneded for failing to pay the fine, it's only another civil ticket and you cannot be arrested. There is no spot on the ticket for a signiture, other than the officers.

            Just out of curiosity, for the jurisdictions out there that do not require a signature on traffic cites, do you require a signature on misdemeanor non-traffic cites? For instance, we cite & release for misdemeanor crimes such as shoplifting, prostitution, loitering, trespassing, assault and battery, etc. Do you have to get a signature on those type of cites? If not, that's cool for you. If yes, why on those and not the traffic cites? Seems like the reason for getting a signature would be the same. Just curious. Thanks.
            In VT it cannot be held against you if you refuse to sign a criminal citation, either misdemeanor or felony. In order to place someone in jail for anything, we have to have the permission of the court. You could probably convince the court to hold them for a felony, but very doubtful for a misdemeanor.


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              Here's an interesting twist to the ticket. Say the person refuses to sign and their license is suspended. It used to be that we had discretion on wether or not to issue a ticket for driving under suspension.

              We now have orders from the county court to bring in all DUR's, DUS due to failure to appears from prior tickets issued for the same offense.

              It really cracks me up. If I pull you over and issue a speeding ticket for say 10-19 over it's a $56 fine and 4 points. Most times the DA will offer a plea to bring it down to say 5-9 over which is a $15 fine and 2 points. Yet you get people who figure that they don't need to go to court. So their license is suspended for failure to pay.


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                A citation is a promise to appear...if they refuse to sign the promise to appear I would explain to them the pain and trouble for not signing...they always signed.


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                  The X-Cop A citation is a promise to appear...if they refuse to sign the promise to appear I would explain to them the pain and trouble for not signing...they always signed.

                  Very true, but unfortunately I think we might have some transplants from Florida in this county


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                    Originally posted by The X-Cop
                    I would explain to them the pain and trouble for not signing...they always signed.
                    Do You explain it to them while you have their neck in your hands?

                    Just wondering how you convey this "Pain."
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