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17 and dying to get into FHP


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  • 17 and dying to get into FHP


    I will be turning 18 this October and am dying to become a patrol, Ive talked to some officers in town that are friends of mine about how to become a patrol and I have spoken with Corporal Glass with the FHP regarding a position as a State Trooper, his advice was to finish my education, get my GED and apply.

    I am asking for some of your advice and comments pertaining to my dreamt about future.

    Your response is appericated!

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    Here's their website regarding minimum requirements:

    One year sworn or non-sworn law enforcement experience.
    Two years of active and continuous U.S. military service.
    Two years of public contact experience.
    Thirty semester hours or 45 quarter-hours at an accredited college or university.

    You should focus on one of these before you turn 19.
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      Posted by SinePari
      Here's their website regarding minimum requirements:
      Thirty semester hours or 45 quarter-hours at an accredited college or university.
      A few years ago, they were only hiring people with bachelor's degrees, but the FHP ended up being a training ground for entry-level officers because many of them later applied to other agencies after they got a little bit of experience.
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        Why FHP? There are a lot of better agencies in FL. If all you want to do is traffic, so be it. Finish your education is the best advice you can get. I would also try to learn the correct terms. Patrol is what they do, they PATROL the highways. They are called TROOPERS.
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          Thanks for your responses
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            FHP is a good outfit,and as it's title implies is primarily a traffic enforcement and accident investigation agency.Traffic stops are also a source of arrests for far more serious offenses including felonies.At one time,FHP had a very effective auto-theft unit that broke up several large auto theft,chop shop,and steal to order rings,in North Florida. It's definitely an agency worth looking into.


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              What type of police work do you want to do? Here in the Orlando area the troopers are so busy doing long and shorts that they really don't have time to do anything else. If all you want to do is accident reports and traffic stops then have at it. Traffic stops are fun and you can get some serious arrests out of them but I don't know if thats all I would want to do for 20 years. I do know they have some good specialty units though.

              A few of the guys here have backed me up on calls and some love it and some don't. They usually don't get any arrests other than traffic and drugs.

              Definately finish your education and get some military time then you'll be all set to get picked up.


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