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asked me about the other agencys?


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  • asked me about the other agencys?

    In your BI packet they ask you about other agencys you applied to and ur status why?, Does it look bad if I told them I didnt pass a couple of the agencys tests they were federal ones. These were extremely tough entrance exams. On the other ones I listed I was on eligibility lists cuz I did pass. Does it look bad or do they care or whats the deal behind that?

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    Basically it means the most if you've been through a background investigation at another agency. That way they can talk to each other and make sure that both agencies were told the same thing by the applicant. It also can give the background investigator some extra contacts if you happened to list different references with the old agency.

    Also, departments will be able to see where your weaknesses lie (failing written tests, polys, etc.) and they'll be able to see if you're just shotgunning applications everywhere. They can also compare the other agencies to themselves and see what type of place that you're looking for. These things don't really have as much impact as comparing information on background investigations, but they do give a department an insight into your career goals.


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      Can't speak for elsewhere in the country, but here it is for BI purposes. If you apply to multiple departments, many backround investigators will go pull that application to make sure all of the information matches.
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