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Driving, and finding a location


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  • Driving, and finding a location

    I have a question for some of the police officers out there, when you ever get dispatched to the location, what info do you usually get about the location, and what happens if you cannot find a location. I deliver pizza's in school right now, and I have no problems with numbered streets, however its a different story with streets that are named Elm Street, Creekside Street,etc. I would just like to know how you either have a map of your jurisdiction in your brain, or if you can get all the necessary info to find a location from dispatch.
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    Out here we have laptop computers in our cruisers, and when a call comes out from dispatch, aside from the dispatcher saying it on the radio, it comes up on the lap top, saying the decription of the call, who is going to it(what unit), the location, and if it has been cleared or not. Just my 2cents

    Also, if I don't know where a call is, I would just look on my map in the car. You can ussualy find anything within a few houses if your using the cross-streets.
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      I know my streets in my sector, but I carry a map just to be safe. I work a city of 1.5 million people, my sector is well over 100,000 people. It's funny, so many of my calls are to the same places involving the same people.
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        Here in KC, you'll get a small pocket street guide that has the street name and the block number....i.e. Oakland 76E...this can help you locate the address.
        Also, during the academy, you learn virtually every street in the city. In addition, all officers carry a city-street atlas with them, so you have alot of resources to find the location.
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          We have a map of the city in the cruiser, and you must know the city front and back before your Field Training Officer signs off on you. for those hard to read house numbers we have the alley lights or the take down lights which pretty much re create the sun from the side or front of the cruiser we dont use the floodlight next to the rear view mirror unless were just patroling a parking lot or the park and rec fields looking for ummm parkers ...


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