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  • Favorite flashlight ?

    I was just curious what is your favorite flashlight ? I love Surefire lights. I own a 6P & just brought the new E6E. Those lights are unreal for the size. 65 & 60 Lumens of blinding white light.....
    PS: No I do not work for Surefire nor is this a commerical.
    I also own several Maglites..But if I were to have to defend my own home I would reach for my Surefire......
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    stream light

    Just about every body at my department uses streamlights. Especially the Stinger I just purchased the new stinger HP. IT is amazing. About 6 ouunces heavy, and 40,000 CP. Also very durable. Mine has got bounced around ant thrown arond even dropped in the water once, and it still works great!


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      I've had my Maglite rechargeable for about 5 years now and it's great.


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        Yup, I would say mag-lite works pretty dern well. I had one even before I joined the cadet program. Still use one now with my department. I love it. Still big and heavy, but very reliable.
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            The rechargeble Stinger is my flashlight of choice (the one i bought outta my own pocket). Im not sure how yours guys works but mine (the one on my belt). is ultra powerful and its the medium size one. On a full charge it lasts a week, and thats even doing house watches. We still have the full size mag light rechargeble ones hanging in the station for anyone on night watch that wants to grab one. And the orange mag lights as well for traffic direction. Should the need arise.


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              Re: Favorite flashlight ?

              Originally posted by besafe2
              I was just curious what is your favorite flashlight?
              Reach your pocket and see how much you can spend...a rechargeable, light-weight flashlight is the best. It depends on how and where you want to use it.
              Personally, I like SureFire. They're just great. Sreamlight and Mag are also very good.
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                I have a Stinger on my belt and the bigger version (I think it's the Streamlight SLX 90 or something) in my gear bag.
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                  Just got the Surefire 8AX and love it.
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                    I've had a Stinger rechargable for about 6 years now and works great. I've only had to replace the battery once due to the battery holding less power.
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                      Yeah Army MP.....I've had my Stinger for about five years now. Only had to replace the battery once since it wasn't holding a full charge after about three years. The flashlight itself is now almost silver in color since I've pulled it in and out of its scabbard so many times. Great investment!
                      If you knew you would fight for you life tomorrow, would you change the way you trained today?


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                        I've had my Mag-Charger for 18 years. Had to replace the battery stick about 3 times, and I forget how many bulbs, and it bears signs of use and abuse, but it has been my old sidekick all these years.

                        About 3 years ago, the PD here made them all turn in all the large, metal Mag-Lites, and issued them either Stingers, or the non-metal Streamlights.

                        I always wished Mag-Light would have invented a rechargable in C size; not so bulky to carry around.

                        Stingers are nice; bright for their size, and easy to keep handy at all times.

                        A former co-worker of mine should have written to Mag-Lite, ala "Dear American Tourister", about his light. Bought a brand new Mag-Charger, and was cleaning off his car to go to work in one of the worst snowstorms we have had here in years. Lost his light while digging out his car.
                        It was found a day later, when the neighbors came over and ran their snowblower in his driveway. WHANG! His Mag-Charger came shooting out like a missile! He picked it up, and it came on. Although he had to replace the bulb, replace the switch boot, and it had 4 nasty gouges in the barrel, but it gave him many years of service.
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