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Leaving School to pursue a career in Law Enforcement


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  • Leaving School to pursue a career in Law Enforcement

    Hey everyone I am just looking for input from other people on the forum who have been, or know someone else who has been in a similar situation. I am looking to test onto my local police department and currently I am a junior at my state university pursuing a BS in Biochemistry and Political Science. I have researched other threads but it seems that most people asking the question haven't quite made a dent on their required credit hours to graduate, whereas with my particular situation I am past the 3/4 point. My logic is that the point in a degree is to secure a career, and if I was offered a spot in the academy I would hopefully accomplish just that. I also believe I could finish the degree part time/nights after a certain period of time. Is my logic flawed, or is this something anybody else has experienced?

    Also, I have heard to just stay in school and finish the degree program but at the same time with the current state of the economy and budget cuts for many departments, recruitment has seemed to be dwindling down, which leads me to believe if I hypothetically were to be offered a position and turned it down, it would be statistically unlikely to receive the same offer again. Whereas school will be around forever.

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    Delete my post please.
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      Oh, let's answer it anyway, even if you think you posted in the wrong forum.

      First, I suspect you underestimated the amount of time it takes to get hired in law enforcement. It is a lengthy process and not like getting hired at the local factory or department store. If you are more than 3/4 of the way through, I suspect you will already have your degree by the time you ever get a job offer as a police officer. However, should you get an offer sooner, you can always finish your degree on a part time basis.
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        I left college early in my senior year to accept a job. A job in LE, especially with a good department, is tough to get. No way I'm turning down a slot to finish a degree I can finish anytime, and probably online and with a hand full of night classes.

        Note I left to accept a job, I didn't leave to pursue a job. It takes nearly a year to get hired on in many places.
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          Thanks for the input everyone, I suppose my original post was rather misleading with some of the wording but as described above, I wouldn't leave until an official offer of employment was in hand. I appreciate it!


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            I would highly suggest staying in school until you get a final offer (should you be fortunate enough to get one).
            I was fortunate enough to get a final offer right before my last semester of undergrad. I completed my BA and attended the academy simultaneously for three months. It was difficult but I Am so glad I made it happen. Your degree makes you marketable and you will stand out when compared to other applicants.
            Good luck to you.


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