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  • Off Duty Carry Poll

    A fair % LEOs I know do not carry off duty. I know some PD require carry off duty. I don't know what % of PD nation wide require it.

    It would be an interesting poll to find out what % of off duty LEOs carry, and what % of PDs required them to carry off duty.

    I get the impression a high % of O.com members carry off duty, but I'm sure you know a bunch that don't. What % of your PD would you guess carry off duty, assuming not a PD that requires it.

    If you don't carry off duty, why? Are you more likely to carry off duty with recent events and general increased awareness of possible terrorist attacks on soft targets?

    Always carry off duty
    Required to carry off duty
    Rarely if ever carry off duty
    Rarely, but recent events have changed that
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    I keep my piece in the center console. Don't like carrying the large Glock off-duty, and am having issues qualifying with my Glock 36.
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      Off Duty Carry Poll

      I carry off-duty unless I'm drinking. Glock 43 with one spare mag.

      As far as my coworkers go, based on the number who qualify with off-duty guns, maybe 50%. I keep pushing everyone to carry, but some just will not listen. For them a gun is something they are ordered to carry. They are the same ones who don't always play the what-if game, don't spend any of their own time and/or money to improve their survival odds (range/defensive tactics/training) and don't think they're likely to be in a get-it-right-or-die confrontation today.
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        Its like American Express


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          I always carry and not just because my agency requires me to. Arm yourselves, my fellow warriors! We need FAR FAR more "knockout gamers" to groups of anti-Judeo/Christian/West terrorists shot and killed with hollow points, high-powered rifle bullets, buckshot and slugs.

          We don't have to carry in church, while PTing and consuming alcohol. Even though our officers are required to, very few carry off duty.

          Also, we are required to have handcuffs also but I don't think anyone does that.


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            I've noticed lately that most of the officers I know that don't carry off duty are the same officers who just like playing police or are the worthless humps.
            Where'd you learn that, Cheech? Drug school?


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              Always carry off duty....minimum of a 9mm Shield and one spare mag....

              Also, if we are carrying our dept ID, we are mandated to also be armed.....that came about after Shayne York was IDed as a cop and murdered during a robbery

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                Should this be discussed in a public forum?
                Officer Jay McGuire, Minneapolis Park Police EOW 5/14/2009 age 11
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                  I've posted before that I always carry off duty. I mostly carry my G 26, somtimes I carry a G17 or G36. I carry a spare G17 mag (except when I carry the G36). In addition, I carry a mini Streamlight and a Leatherman Wingman as well as a Coldsteel Mini-Reacon. I carry cuffs about 50 percent of the time.

                  I'm a big guy (6' 240lbs) so none of the crap I carry bothers me. Other than my pistol, I use most of my toys daily.

                  Please brothers and sisters carry a pistol, spare mag and light source. You never know when the time will come to fight evil. I know it sounds dramatic but we live in sh*ty times with threats all around us.

                  Stay safe.


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                    Originally posted by chapwolfe View Post
                    Should this be discussed in a public forum?
                    Nothing Op-Sec here. The public knows LE carry off duty.


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                      It's WHAT I carry that's OPSEC...


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                        I tried hiding what I'm packing but my jeans were too tight


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                          I'm a Lead Farmer...!


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                            When I was on the job, I always carried off duty. Now that I'm retired I always carry, never leave home without it. I just qualified with my department and 100% of the officers qualified with their department issued off duty S&W's. How many carry off duty, can't say for sure but a guess would be 100% also. We are a small department and off duty carry is required, many times our off duty officers act as back up for on duty officers when required.
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                              If you're not carrying 100% of the time, you're a sheep.


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