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Do I still have a chance? (prostitution)


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    Originally posted by tanksoldier View Post
    Heh, heh, heh.... He said "staffed".
    FULLY staffed at that
    Since some people need to be told by notes in crayon .......Don't PM me with without prior permission. If you can't discuss the situation in the open forum ----it must not be that important

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      Originally posted by CruiserClass View Post

      Someone that is certainly not me was once told "the two fattest street XXXX ever" is not a good description to describe two potential witnesses.
      Something that size on the west coast requires commercial plates.
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        I'll be more forgiving here than many of the other posters----------- although to be honest I DO like some of the answers. I'll pose one question to you, and other have heard it from me before...........

        WHY should I hire YOU?!?!?!

        It'll be asked. IF you EVER get that far. So PLEASE what do you have to offer that others law-abiding citizens don't?


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          Originally posted by hemicop View Post
          So PLEASE what do you have to offer that others law-abiding citizens don't?
          Well he does have vice experience.


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            ERRRRRRRRR, yeah?!?! I guess. That's kinda like saying Idi Amin had experience in fine dining.........


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              Originally posted by BNWS View Post
              Where is this town?
              Sounds like somewhere I need to visit...

              On a serious note, like all cops I've spent more time than I'd have liked to with ladies of the night.

              Aside from the large moral and legal issues with using prostitutes, I simply don't get how a guy could physically do it with them.
              Maybe it's just me, but every hooker I've met has been a strung out meth or heroin addict with a terrifyingly sad past and an equally sad (and probably short) future ahead of her. What kind of a man can get off on that?

              If I was considering you as an applicant, THAT would be in my head, even more than the legal issues.


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                Originally posted by jdthor View Post
                I think Monty and Johnny might have a opening at the BatCave for a qualified individual like this .

                Yeah, I hear they're starting a Vice Unit. 'Naught Naught& Nut Nut".


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                  Originally posted by sanitizer View Post
                  Something that size on the west coast requires commercial plates.

                  And a CDL if you transport it.


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                    Prosititues? He did not state it was prostitutes- he stated escorts!
                    There is difference!

                    Hey OP- how much did all that bidness cost you, fer crissakes?
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                      Oh boy....

                      I have about 5 billion things I want to say.... but I am going to try to resist.


                      To the OP -- Let me remind you of some things. When Christ came, there was nothing BUT sinners. In fact, there is still nothing but sinners. So yes - his disciples were sinners. How could they not be? So to use the sins of the disciples to illustrate how you should get it "wiped off the slate" is ridiculous.

                      To use Christ's forgiveness as an analogy for why you should be given a chance in Law Enforcement is silly because Jesus Christ isn't hiring you. And besides, His law enforcement officers includes names like Michael and Gabriel. Do you REALLY want to continue down that thought process? I didn't think so.

                      Lastly - it doesn't matter who has been forgiven for what, or by whom. If you think you should be "forgiven" because you know a guy that visited a prostitute and he was still hired.... that shows you have no true remorse for what you did. You would be a liability to most any agency. Plus - in today's day and age - men with real skill and integrity, clean records, and experience - can't get hired because people with MORE skill, MORE integrity, and MORE experience are ahead of them in line.


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                        Human Trafficking is HUGE right now. No way would you get hired in my area! It's unfortunate that you chose to stop responding to all of the valid suggestions and realistic assessments of your post.
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