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    Originally posted by Michigan View Post
    I actually find discussing police matters/tactics/etc is like discussing religion these days. People are already set in their ways, in their perceived knowledge and can't see past what they think they know is right because... Well that's what they believe or they know it's true because 'someone' told them it was.

    If you don't think so........................just read the crap on this facebook posting in a local incident where officers were called to a theft in progress and ...................Gasp.................parked in a handicap spot while arresting the perp.


    scroll down to find the CRPD car and see the 200 pluss stupid comments

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    Since some people need to be told by notes in crayon .......Don't PM me with without prior permission. If you can't discuss the situation in the open forum ----it must not be that important

    My new word for the day is FOCUS, when someone irritates you tell them to FOCUS


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      Michigan, I can understand that totally. The problem is is the "group" whom I believe is responsible for this subversion of the "masses" is wanting everyone to put these types of walls up so everyone perceives each other as the enemy. It totally works in third world countries and it'll work here if we're not able to avoid it. I see it coming because of the reasons you put, people believe it because "someone" told them ... and polie officers are human too and you have to have a finite point where yo're just like, "I'm done" "Blue line only" I get it. I just feel like there are domestic forces at work within our country trying to subvert their asses off to bring this country to our knees and it's working. Look at the BS going on against the services, same crap practically. It's crazy! JMHO of course.


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        I don't think there's any conspiracy, just a country filled with immature, lazy individuals that don't take responsibility for their actions, enhanced by a 'media' who wants ratings and money over journalism.


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          Originally posted by that's my hand View Post
          How often do you as a police officer, in uniform, experience or deal with a disrespectful attitudes without provocation?
          Every day I work. But I also deal with people thankful we are there to walk the line every day.

          When you stop and try to point out the bad that media ignores, Then you end up pointing fingers at each other. Both sides end up in a ******in match, and both sides get wet.

          The truth is - there are good people, there are bad people, and their are neutral people. None of them like to get a speeding ticket or their weed confiscated. But they all call us when the SHTF. We had a guy fight a deputy one night - got tased like 2 or 3 times, was determined to kick that deputies back side. It took 3 deputies to restrain him. Big surprise - he was out on bail in 2 days. Neighbors pitt bull got loose and dude was terrified of dogs -- who did he call to come save his arse? Not the fire department. LOL. Funny thing was - it was just a puppy and wasn't even barking - he was wanting to play!

          That is way you don't see a lot of blue stand up and speak out against this bullcrap. You are seeing more now than ever before I believe - but mostly its family and citizens in support of blue rather than the cops themselves. It's because we get that the anger and hatred for us -- for the most part -- is just peacocking; and tomorrow, or the next day, they will call on us for help. They will thank us quietly while no one is looking, then when they get around others - they will "FTP!FTP!" all over again.


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            As stated above, however I have noticed those who Support us are quit, but now really make it a point to thank us, and show their support.
            So as bad as it's been, I feel those who are not savages, and are sh--bags but normal hard working people are more on our side than before.

            I'm old and thicked skined, I have no problem letting their attitude dictate if I print one ticket or a scroll. Replicate and go lol
            I have the last laugh in the end.

            There are no stupid questions, but there sure are a lot of inquisitive idiots.


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              ok, Ill play nice. Where I am now, NO
              I've had a few people the past month or so actually call out to me, some from decent distances in the parking lot for instance "Officer, thank you. DONT believe everything you might hear or read about the public, we really like and need you guys. "
              That has happened a few times on the way into my local Starbucks, BTW
              WHere I used to work, heck, it was a daily or hourly occurrence. I think EVERYONE should be a suburban cop at some point. ;-)
              I got nothing for now


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