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the good (not the bad, or the ugly)


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  • the good (not the bad, or the ugly)

    As a person in law enforcement what is the 'nicest' thing anyone has ever done for you (or said to you).
    Has anyone ever done something(s) that made you smile just for that moment or even made you a bit emotional?

    any good memories out there?
    maybe ordinary people you'll never forget?

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    Guy who was afraid I was dead when he saw me laying next to my car in a parking lot. I was actually fishing a stuck branch out of the car's under carriage with my baton. It was really evident he was truly concerned and willing to help when he thought the situation was grim and perhaps still dangerous.
    I miss you, Dave.


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      Or he was going to steal your wallet and you scared him...
      Now go home and get your shine box!


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        Or he was going to take a selfie with your corpse for his "Kill the Police" FB page.


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          Just the other day a homeless man said Merry Christmas and told me to be careful. I thought that was pretty cool.
          Judge me by the enemies I have made----Unknown


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            I was directing traffic at an intersection after a large storm that took the power out. It was raining and cold.

            Someone who lived near by came out in the rain and offered me hot coffee.


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              I did a lock out for an elderly lady and the appreciation in her voice when she said "thank you" was so honest and sincere it has stuck with me for over 20 years.

              I was looking for some reported bones in a pond, and the only place to park was up on the interstate and walk down over the embankment, which I did. While I'm down there, a guy comes over the embankment and said he saw an empty cruiser with the overheads on, so he came to look for me and make sure I was okay.

              Our department has an unknown benefactor who send us stacks of pizza, bread sticks and wings a couple of times a year; all we know is that we did something to help their child.

              There are various things that happen throughout the year.


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                A few years ago another FTO and I had our Trainees out to dinner at a nice restaurant on our last nights with them before they switched FTO's. The waitress told us that another patron in the restaurant who didn't want to be named paid our whole bill.


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                  I went to a trailer where a 11yoa kid had a father in prison and a mother in a dryout house and wanted to press charges on his over-worked grandmother for spanking his dumas with a spatula...I gave him a light-lecture about his future and did the most I could to support the GM...she was trying to save whatever of her life and family she could and the look in her eyes as I left said everything.

                  I spent hours with a couple of firefighters cleaning at a house where a decrepit old hoarder had jars of **** and stacks of junk like you wouldn't believe...he had 'passed-away' in the mess and had been chewed on by the four dogs before he'd been found. The thanks from the relatives when they arrived was sincere and made the stank worth it.

                  The stuff that meant the most was when it was earned & honest.
                  Harry S. Truman, (1884-1972)
                  “Never kick a fresh turd on a hot day.”

                  Capt. E.J. Land USMC,
                  “Just remember – life is hard. But it’s one hell of a lot harder if you’re stupid.

                  George Washington, (1732-1799)
                  "I hope I shall possess firmness and virtue enough to maintain what I consider the most enviable of all titles, the character of an honest man."

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                  ... Thus far, I am rooting for the zombies.


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