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How early should I start applying?


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  • How early should I start applying?

    I graduate from college this summer with a bachelors but I won't turn 21 until this november. I know a lot of departments let you apply when you're 20 but how early is too early? Should I go ahead and start throwing out apps since I'll be out of school in 6 months?

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    I applied to my first agency at 20 as a cadet. Since I was due to be 21 prior to completion, I was bumped up to officer and put through the full academy.
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      My first hiring took maybe 2 months, my last about 5. I would say about 6 months out. A department should be willing to work with you on a start date if it's going to be close.

      That said, there are very few 21 year old cops, although I have known a few. Start planning on getting another job that you won't mind leaving when you get the call. Build a good work history and volunteer. Look into local departments with auxiliary programs, that's how I got my start and it helped show that I had some basic knowledge of Law Enforcement and was serious about the career. Just a few tidbits for thought. Good luck.


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